Dispatches from the Distancing – Days 109-110

I guess I should tell you all that the kids have moved out of the house. It’s temporary and weather-dependent and only at night, but they are no longer sleeping in the house. They have decided to sleep in the tent in our backyard for the rest of the summer.

My father is very concerned about this–he says he is afraid a mountain lion will get them. Every time I try to explain to him that there are no mountain lions here, he reminds me that there are mountain lions in Oregon. And, yes, there are. But there aren’t any here. Oh well, it is just one more thing for him to worry about. On my end, I don’t have to worry about the kids sleeping all day because they are up with the sun!

I meant to post yesterday, but it ended up just being a weird day. The kids had a dental appointment–I schedule their appointments at the same time so we are normally in and out in about 30-45 minutes–and I had made an appointment to pick up my reading glasses right before that. Well, the glasses appointment was probably no more than 60 seconds, which means we were at the dentist’s office early. The appointment before ours didn’t come in, so they took the kids in early. Since I had to wait in the car during this time, it was fine with me! I thought, this will be great–we’ll be home before 2:30!

Well, that’s not what happened. Chris’s teeth were fine, but Lillie had a few cavities (she is very good about brushing her teeth, but she has always had “weak teeth”) and since it would be months before we would be able to get in to get them filled, due to them trying to catch up on all the appointments they had to cancel for 3 months, the dentist said they could do them immediately. So, my 45 minutes of sitting in the car turned into 2+ hours. Yeah, it was unpleasant for me, but it was probably much worse for Lillie! Anyway, it through my whole day off and I just didn’t get a chance to sit down and write.

Today was mostly herding the kids as they played with the neighborhood kids. And, man, I’m tired! I still have to do the dishes–Pat made salmon tonight, which was delicious, but I’ve learned the hard way that those dishes cannot wait until morning!

So, I’m leaving you all with a picture of the kids right before they went to their “summer home” for the night.

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