Dispatches from the Distancing – Days 111-112 AND Saturday Snapshot

If I had to sum up today in one word it would be Hamilton. Because, the bulk of the day was spent watching it! Well, I only watched it twice…but that’s about 6 hours of the day. The first time was with the kids. They liked the first half more than the second, but I get that. Chris really liked Alexander Hamilton and Lillie said the show needed more blood. I’m considering showing her the Johnny Depp/Tim Burton Sweeney Todd next. That should be enough blood for her.

Tomorrow will be a quiet 4th. Well, as quiet as it can be with Pat holding a lighter. He purchased almost $100 worth of fireworks, so there will be plenty of booms. But other than that we are having a little cook out and maybe we’ll watch Hamilton a few more times.

I have a very 4th themed Saturday Snapshot this week. None of it really needs explanation, but here you go:







Have a great weekend and, for those of you celebrating, have a wonderful Independence Day. Just remember that our nation is stronger than its current crap show and things will get better!

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