We’re back in sunny Arizona and a visit to probably my favorite spot in the area, Tumacacori National Historic Park. I’ve written about our visits here nearly every time we’ve done a trip to Arizona and I don’t have much to add.  This time the kids were not keen on walking down to the Anza […]

One of my goals on this most recent trip to Arizona was to do more hiking.  Actually, that was my goal for the last time we went–but between Spanky McBonespur’s temper tantrum shutdown and the fact that it SNOWED, it didn’t happen.  However, this time the nation was facing another flavor of crisis and the […]

Sometimes things just work out.  During this time of year, the long drag of late winter and the teasing of early spring, it is sometimes hard to come up with pictures for this post.  We are, for lack of a better term, hunkering down.  We are trying to survive the last dark weeks before the […]

She flies with her own wings. – Oregon State Motto This morning, I was sure that this was going to be a simple “Hey, look at the pictures from my kid’s field trip!” type post.  And, yes, there are pictures from my daughter’s field trip. But, instead, this post has become a love letter to my […]

I’m not sure if this is true for other families with kids in other schools, but for us, the coming of Spring means the coming of field trips.  I have come to accept that, between two kids, I just can’t chaperone every trip–but I do try to make as many as I can. The week […]

It probably isn’t a surprise to anyone that reading is a big deal in our house.  Well, it is a big deal to me and to my daughter.  My husband, well, I try to get him to read at least one novel a year.  As for my son, it has been a struggle. I do […]