First day back from Spring Break was a passable success!  Of course, the kids decided this was the morning they would sleep in, so it was a bit of a hustle to get them ready so that we could start in time, according to the schedule I wrote up. Chris started his day off with […]

There is one member of our household who seems to be struggling more than most with this quarantine—our cat, Alice. Alice is not an especially social cat. In fact, she hates most humans. She adores Pat (strangely, considering he ignores her), she likes Lillie and I, and she tolerates Chris. She also seems okay with […]

Today made one thing clear: Stir craziness is real.  The kids were bouncing off the walls and it was exciting to go pick pick up a grocery order.  Yes, that is what we are living with now. I took some time to put together a “school schedule” for when Monday arrives.  We’ll still be freestyling the […]

We hit 2 weeks. This does feel like a milestone–we’re all well, so we know that nothing came from any exposure Lillie may have had at school.  There were, of course, more opportunities for exposure since then, but we’ll take this as a victory–because we need one right now. Another “victory” we can count is […]

Folks, I have nothing… Like pretty much everyone else, I’ve barely left this house this week and I don’t see that changing for a while.  So, instead of pictures of my kids just sitting around, I decided to do something a little different. I store my pictures with Amazon Photo, which does this thing where […]

You know what most certainly does not make this time of distancing better?  A mice infestation.  To be fair, we only have proof of one mouse.  However, unless that mouse had an insatiable appetite and the bowels to go along with it, there are more mice calling our garage home. Pat spent his free time […]

We, or at least I, have reached the point where boredom becomes the norm.  I let the kids have far too much video game today because, well, what else were they going to do?  I realize I could have done things like, oh, clean the house.  But instead I watched a lot of television. I […]