This was another week of unremarkable craziness, but I have a few pics to share with you all. Last Saturday was a big day.  First, my daughter had her first (and hopefully only) Girl Scout cookie booth. While she has hit her cookie goal for the year, we still have one more booth scheduled for […]

Today is a special SS post.  This past week, my little girl turned 11!  It’s hard to believe that she’s growing up so fast, but it is one of the greatest joys of my life watching her (and her brother) mature and find their ways in the world. So, here is a slideshow of her […]

This was one of those weeks when I barely took any pictures–I was feeling under the weather so we really did nothing out of the ordinary.  I was going to grace you all with more pictures of the cat, but then my Facebook memories gave me a bit of inspiration. February 7th was Laura Ingalls […]

January is finally over! Wow, was that a long month or WHAT?  I’m expected February to be just as crazy, but I’m glad at least one month is out of the way. I just have a few pictures from this past week…a little check in with all of my kids, both human and furry… First, I […]

On my podcatcher (I use Overcast, in case anyone is interested), I have several playlists.  Many of them are “genre” lists such books or politics or fitness.  But the three most used lists are the ones with all my podcasts, all my daughter’s podcasts, and all my son’s podcast. As I still drive my son […]

It’s been another busy week over here and I didn’t have as much time to read as I would like.  I guess I just have to learn that life is sometimes like that and take things as they come. Basketball season is in full swing now as both kids had their first games.  I was […]

Things are still crazy busy here–I’ve gotten to the point of keeping track of the date by what kid activities are going on that day.  However, I might be getting to the breaking point as I couldn’t seem to keep things straight this week, even missing a long scheduled appointment.  I know part of it is […]