Dispatches from the Distancing – Day 108

We made another tiptoe back to the real world today. This evening, we had a socially distant play date with some friends. It went well, although I’m not sure how well the masks stayed on once the kids were out of our sight, but whatever. We do the best that we can. All the playgrounds are still closed, so we met at a park with a large open space and we brought a few yard games thinking the kids might want to play them. The games weren’t that exciting, but the kids did seem to have fun.

I realized that, if nothing changes, Lillie will spend the summer playing roblox in her closet and Chris will spend the summer asking for snacks. So, I’ve decided to put together a “daily duties” list for each of them. Chores (which they should have been doing anyway) are of course included, as are some light academic stuff, physical activity, and some writing. It shouldn’t take them long, although I’m sure they’ll whine enough for it to take the entire day. I have no delusions–I know there will be outrage, if not a mutiny, once they see the list, but I can withstand it!

I am also trying to sign Lillie up for a virtual day camp. There is some difficulty as the camp is in the Northern New Jersey council, but I’ve emailed them and hopefully we’ll have this figured out soon. She was a little hesitant about the whole idea, but agreed to do ONE camp and chose one about physical fitness. There was another, a Harry Potter themed one, that I thought she’d like but she was adamant that she would only do ONE camp!

If all this wasn’t enough to ruin the kids’ day tomorrow, they also have to go to the dentist. They normally don’t mind the dentist because the waiting room is awesome. Unfortunately, they won’t be in the waiting room tomorrow, thanks to cv19! In fact, I have to wait in the car (or in the coffee shop next door) while they are in their appointments.

I’ve found that I’m almost reluctant to go out to such appointments now. I’m not someone who is itching to be back in the midst of things and, frankly, I think I’ve gotten used to all this hunkering down. Plus, the numbers aren’t very comforting and I know I’m better off at home. In fact, the governor just mandated that face coverings are now required in all indoor public areas in the state as of 7/1 and it sounds like another shutdown may still follow.

So, on that note, I leave you with this totally not staged (ha!) picture from our socially distanced play date!

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