I have always been fueled by stories. The first story that fed me was The Wizard of Oz.  CBS would air it once a year and, from one year old, I would watch.  The concept of fiction meant nothing to me.  Dorothy and her friends and the Wicked Witch with her winged monkey were as real […]

It probably isn’t a surprise to anyone that reading is a big deal in our house.  Well, it is a big deal to me and to my daughter.  My husband, well, I try to get him to read at least one novel a year.  As for my son, it has been a struggle. I do […]

Well, it actually happened.  Every time the weather forecast hinted that there might be snow, my kids made sure to wear their pajamas inside-out and backward and flush ice cubes down the toilet before bed.  And, until this week, their efforts have been for naught. I can’t say that we hit the motherlode of winter weather, […]

February can be a tough month when it comes to these weekly posts.  Ideally, I would have done something fun and exciting with my family and I would have pictures to share.  However, this time of year, that just doesn’t happen as often.  For one thing, winter in the Pacific Northwest is usually a damp […]

First off, my apologies that this is late.  I had a slew of technical glitches that kept me from posting this on Friday (one of which was that my kids pulled the router power supply out of the wall!) Secondly, I promised wonderful weather pictures last week.  Well, that was nothing but a huge bust […]

This is one of those weeks where this post is more about the narrative than the pictures (if the weather report proves to be true, we’ll be back to things being about the pictures next week!) Last week, I wrote about food, specifically a meal that I enjoyed before going to the theater.  This week, […]

Warning: I’m about to be a cliche. Yes, my pictures this week are food pictures.  And, yes, the food was delicious.  But the food is not the story. As my regular visitors know, I’m a stay at home parent.  Between driving my kids to and from school and activities, I try (frequently unsuccessfully) to manage […]