I have always been fueled by stories. The first story that fed me was The Wizard of Oz.  CBS would air it once a year and, from one year old, I would watch.  The concept of fiction meant nothing to me.  Dorothy and her friends and the Wicked Witch with her winged monkey were as real […]

I once saw a meme that said something like, “Adulthood is just saying, ‘In two weeks, things will calm down’ over and over again until you die.” Folks, truer words have never been spoken! I (once again) convinced myself that things would calm down once the kids were back in school…but NOPE! Because of this […]

What a week! The kids are back in school–Chris went back on Tuesday and Lillie on Wednesday–and so far all is going well. Lillie is having some frustration with her math class. She tested ahead in math so, last year, she took algebra–which she would have normally taken in 8th grade. This year is geometry, […]

I’ve decided to do monthly updates as a Wednesday post, instead of tacking them onto my weekly update posts. That being said, my last weekly update post listed all of my August reads, so I won’t be including them here. Also, I cannot figure out how to do one of those nifty infographics with all […]

Well, hello everyone! I didn’t mean to take August off, but there were some things that just made posting difficult. We were on vacation a bit. Also, Pat was on sabbatical this month, which means there was no such things as any kind of schedule in our house for the month. The good news (for […]

Lordy, it is HOT out there. My father lives outside of Tucson and a few days ago, it was 20 degrees COOLER where he was than where I am. They say it is supposed to cool down next week, but it looks like “cool down” means it only gets into the 90s. I was not […]

I have gotten into the habit of watching a bit of BookTube (you know, book-related YouTube) while I drink my coffee in the morning. I’ve found a few channels I quite like and I may post about them in the future, but that is not why I’m here today. I came across a prompt that […]

I know that so many of you have been dealing with excessive heat and we’ve mostly escaped it. However, our time is running out on that front! We’re supposed to get a heat wave this week, so I’m guessing there will be only minimal forays from our air conditioned house coming up. It’s kind of […]

Before I get into the business of the week, I wanted to let my fellow bloggers know that I seem to be having a commenting problem. Sometimes (not all the time) when I’m trying to comment on a Blogger blog, my comment just sort of evaporates. I’m not sure what the problem is, but if […]

We are halfway through the year! I know, we over halfway through the year but I always consider the 4th of July as the halfway point. So, how was everyone’s holiday? As I said last week, I wasn’t exactly feeling it this year (for obvious reasons). That being said, we did end up having a […]

It’s been a while since I’ve done an update. I know that one week was Father’s Day and one week I was raging and wanted to burn it all down. I think there was another week in there that I missed, but I can’t remember why. Anyhow, I’m back and my reading wrap up will […]