I have always been fueled by stories. The first story that fed me was The Wizard of Oz.  CBS would air it once a year and, from one year old, I would watch.  The concept of fiction meant nothing to me.  Dorothy and her friends and the Wicked Witch with her winged monkey were as real […]

I’m writing this at just after 5:30 pm and it is still light out, which seems like a miracle right now! I’m the sort of person who is ready for spring on January 2nd, so this last part of winter (which is all of winter after the first two weeks), is always tough for me. […]

Super Bowl Sunday! I’m still smarting from the fact that the Packers aren’t there (but….AARON RODGERS MVP!), and my feelings about a certain quarterback apparently don’t change depending on what team he is playing on, so GO CHIEFS! Of course, the important part of the Super Bowl is the food…and we’ve got over an a […]

Well, it has been a quiet two days since my last post! The kids had Friday and will have Monday off from school and we are planning on doing as close to nothing as possible during the long weekend. I did want to talk just a bit about what we’ve been watching on television. I’m […]

Wow, a mid-week post! As I’ve said (many times) life has become sort of same old, same old over here in quarantine…but I actually have an update. First off, the kids have finished their first semester of school…completely online. It was hard, but I think both kids did okay. Lillie sort of excelled at it […]

I have had the strangest feeling waking up the past few mornings. I finally realized what it was–it was the lack of the existential dread that hit me in the face every morning I woke up the last 4 years! I’ve been feeling so light that I’ve actually started cleaning my house! Amazing! Before I […]

Folks, we are almost there. I know that we won’t flip a switch and things will be wonderful once Trump is out of office on Wednesday, but at least we will be on a better road. If we’re connected on Facebook, you know I’ve been counting down to that moment (and having some fun doing […]

Wow, what a year this week has been! I’m still angry about what happened in DC on Wednesday, but I’m not going to vent about it here (trust me, I’ve been doing that enough on other platforms!). I should, however, note that we passed the 200 day mark or this crazy quarantine this week. Our […]

Well, folks, we are almost there. 2020 is just about in our rearview mirror. There will be no big party for us (but, to be fair, we never have or attend New Year’s Eve parties). We are planning to get takeout Chinese food and watch Avengers: Endgame, starting at exactly 9:29:30 pm, so that Iron […]