I have always been fueled by stories. The first story that fed me was The Wizard of Oz.  CBS would air it once a year and, from one year old, I would watch.  The concept of fiction meant nothing to me.  Dorothy and her friends and the Wicked Witch with her winged monkey were as real […]

We live in a contentious time.  While this seems especially acute in the United States, I don’t think it is unique to our part of the world.  Everything I read in the news from all over the world is about conflict–political conflict, religious conflict, social conflict. I realized that all these conflicts, on a simplistic […]

Sometimes, things don’t go as planned. Over New Year’s, my family headed south to visit my father in Arizona.  We didn’t expect blistering heat–I had visited at this time of year in the past and, each time, had had pleasant and sunny, but cooler, weather.  Before our trip, I checked the weather forecast for the […]