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When I was a kid, summer was a big expanse of nothing.  There might have been swimming lessons and maybe Vacation Bible School, but that was it.  Now, it is all about the camps.  My daughter has been going day camps since she finished kindergarten, but my son has sat them out–until this summer. I […]

This week, we need to take another step back to early June.  My kids’ school starts their summer break before public schools, which gives us a few days to enjoy some things that are usually too crowded. Or so we thought…. We decided that we wanted to take a trip to the zoo.  Over the […]

I’ve posted many pictures related to my daughter’s Girl Scout troop over the years and today is one more in that vein.  The troop wanted to work on two badges–Gardening and Flowers–and we figured we could do both with a visit to the Oregon Garden in Silverton, Oregon. We lucked out with the weather and, […]

It’s time to break up the backlog of pictures and give you something current.  This week, for those of us in the USA, was Independence Day.  I’ll admit that this was a hard day for me.  Given what is currently happening in our country, it felt more like a funeral than a celebration. Fortunately, family […]

Now that I’m finally done with sharing Spring Break pictures, it is time to catch up on what we have been doing since March. Spring is a busy time for us, especially with the school year winding down.  One of the things that the kids’ school does is something called a “Spring Event.”  Depending on […]

My son finished 2nd grade earlier this month and, as I usually do, I asked him to share his favorite memory of the school year.  For him, it was his class field trip to the tide pools at Ecola State Park in Cannon Beach, Oregon. When my daughter was in first grade, she went on […]

Well, folks, we’ve finally made it…to the end of our Spring Break pictures!  These final pictures encompass two places.  The first picture is the only one from our visit to Tubac, an artsy town south of where my father lives.  Why only one picture?  Because the kids were NOT in the mood to be there.  […]