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14 years ago, when Pat and I bought this house, we decided not to have a TV in every room. I don’t know what Pat’s reasoning was (or if he really cares that much). I, however, was pretty firm on the “no more than 2 TV’s” rule because I grew up in a house where […]

Let me start out by saying that this post is up a little later than usual because today was an exceptionally good football day. Both playoff games were exciting and ended up being nail-biters and, best of all, Tom Brady’s season is over! Those of you who read my blog last year around Super Bowl […]

Well, we made it halfway through January! I’m hoping that the year has started well for you all. Personally, I’ve been so busy that I can’t tell! Fortunately, the kids have a 4 day weekend. Originally it was just supposed to be a 3 day weekend with MLK day as a holiday on Monday. However, […]

We’re one week into the new year–how is it treating you? I have to say that this year has started off on all cylinders for me. It’s been go-go-go since the holidays ended, and it is taking a toll. I sat down to read today and promptly fell fast asleep. Fortunately, the kids have 4-day […]

I know it has been a while since I’ve posted, but the holidays are busy and, for my own mental health, I decided to give myself a bit of a blogging break. Normally, I’d give you a run down on what we’ve been doing, so here it is. We’ve been doing holiday stuff. That’s about […]

Phew! It has been a couple of weeks since I had the chance to post! Let’s just say that October got very busy, very quickly! I’d forgotten, over the past 19 months, how busy school schedules can be. I can take a little relief from the fact that the kids’ schools are close enough that […]

Spooky season is really upon us now! Pat has been wanting to decorate the outside for Halloween–I told him to go for it, but nothing has been done yet. We decided to let the kids go trick-or-treating this year. At first, Pat was wary and then we realized that they are in public school and […]

As I write this, I feel like I’m totally in the depth of fall. The trees are all changing color and we’re having some wild (for the Pacific Northwest, where pretty much a breeze is wild) autumnal weather. We even had HAIL today! The kids were incredibly excited by that and Lillie believes it is […]