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There are times when your kids play together nicely and there are times when your daughter locks herself in her closet with her kindle fire to video chat with her friends and your son does whatever he can to get attention. And that was pretty much my day. I did need to get some laundry […]

We’re into double digits and the Stay at Home order came down today.  Since we’ve basically been staying at home (other than my husband’s trips to Lowe’s), this hasn’t really changed too much for us.  As the kids are on Spring Break, such as it is, no homeschooling is happening.  Instead, they alternate between playing […]

A two weeks ago, I had never heard of Zoom.  Now, Zoom is what makes the world go round, so to say.  This morning, Zoom brought us our church.  We belong to a small church so having a service through this medium works well–or at least as well as any online church service can go.  […]

We’re officially into week 2 of this strange, strange time.  I have to say my mood was much improved today, probably because I actually had some virtual social interaction this morning. Because groups are a no-go, my Saturday morning WW group moved online.  It worked surprisingly well, honestly!  Afterwards, I had virtual coffee with my […]

I’m not going to lie, today was tough.  My son was having a hard time doing his work–not because it was difficult but because he just couldn’t focus, which led to him getting incredibly upset.  He said that drawing helps him calm down, so we had to take plenty of drawing breaks. My daughter was […]

Just when you thought the world couldn’t be any more messed up, a global pandemic comes knocking on your door. If you follow this blog regularly, you know that I’ve been keeping a bit of a diary here.  If not, go back to this post to start reading it. I have no idea what kind […]

We are not alone in our house. We thought it was just the two grown up, the two kids, and the one cat.  But the hubs found out late last night (or, more accurately, early this morning) that we also have mice. Fabulous.  Just what we needed. The story goes that he was up putting […]