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We’re now onto  July 31st, which is the last day of the first part of our trip as well as the first day of the last part of our trip.  Don’t worry, you’ll see what I mean. We were set to pick up my daughter at her Girl Scout camp that afternoon, so we decided […]

I enjoy stories in any form, whether I’m reading or watching them.  Unfortunately for anyone who is within hearing distance of my rants, I tend to have very strong opinions about, well, all the stories I consume. And, for some reason, television tends to bring out my strongest opinions. I’m taking a page from my […]

I’m taking a little break from vacation pictures (which will carry on for several more weeks–consider yourselves warned!) to share Halloween pictures.  As I was loading pictures from every year onto my personal Facebook page, I realized I should share them all here as well.  While all the pictures are in the slide show, here […]

We’ve finally reached the end of adventures for July 30th!  This was a packed full day and I obviously have the pictures to prove it! We had hoped to stop by a Marine Science Center, but it was unfortunately closed for the day (so we took a picture of my son in front of a […]

This post will have fewer pictures, only because I’m still sharing photos from July 30th and the natural “break” of the day just fell in a way that this part was shorter. We’re technically still at Shore Acres, but have just left the “state park” part of it.  Just south of a park is a […]

As I said last week, July 30th was a busy day on our trip! After exploring Sunset Bay, we headed up to Shore Acres State Park.  This was a park I had long heard about, but had never visited.  Unlike many state parks on the coast that are basically beaches, this one has an interesting […]

I realized I should have been dating these pictures, so I apologize for that.  Our vacation began on July 28th and, with this post, we are at July 30th.  Buckle in, folks, we’re going to spend a few weeks on July 30th. We manage to pack quite a bit into this day.  We started out […]