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Well, after last night’s little hissy fit about the state of the world, I’m not going to get on a soapbox tonight. It’s not that I have rethought any of what I said–I still believe all of it, I just don’t want to go there tonight. Instead, let me tell you about our household woes.  […]

I’m frustrated…and it isn’t about homeschool (okay, I’m a little frustrated with that, but it’s nothing new). It’s like people have forgotten how serious cv19 is.  While the Portland and Salem areas are still supposedly locked down, the rest of the state is opening up and I just feel like it is too soon.  Just […]

Well, that was another low-key weekend. Parts of Oregon are starting to open up (not the Portland or Salem areas, but everywhere else).  I’m sure that things will close down again in 2-3 weeks as people are being idiots.  As stir crazy as we are, we are planning to stay put for the foreseeable future, […]

Another week down…and this is now week nine of quarantine.  Much of the state has started to reopen, but the 3 Portland counties have not yet filed their plans and the 2 Salem counties were denied (and that’s all I will say about that!) so those are the two places in the state that haven’t started […]

I had a minor victory today–I was actually able to get Chris up and at “school” earlier and, yes, he was much more productive.  I’m hoping that we can replicate this again tomorrow because trying to get him to do some of his more challenging work after lunch just has not been working. I have […]

Today was one of those days… I realized that, since quarantine began, my mood is more influenced by the weather.  This is wonderful when it is warm and sunny, but not so wonderful when it is blustery, like today.  Pat and I tried to find a time to go out and take a stroll, but […]

We are 60 days in on this thing and, honestly, I don’t see an end in sight.  I know some places are starting to open up, but I honestly believe that this will just lead to more outbreaks and then everything will lock down even more.  I am just praying that school will start up […]