Dispatches from the Distancing – Day 35 AND Saturday Snapshot – April 18, 2020

We survived another school week!

I’ve noticed that, by Friday, Chris is already tapped out.  There was far more whining today than any other day this week.  His workload was lighter–I’m sure his teacher anticipated that Fridays would be tough–but it still took him until after 4pm to finish.

Lillie had little work to do.  It seems like Friday is catch up day for her class, and since she finished everything earlier in the week, she had next to nothing to do.  So, she decided to see if she could ignore the “no TV until 5pm” rule.  Sigh!

What I learned this evening, and wish I had known earlier to prevent her TV rebellion, is that we have 2 “channels” for our WiFi (or something like that).  The televisions and Pat’s work set up are on one and all the other devices are on the other.  So, I can legitimately use the “you can’t watch TV while your father is working!” order!

Pat and I were able to go out for a stroll at lunch–we’ve been able to do this several times during the week, but only when his meeting schedule allows. It was such a gorgeous day–75 degrees and clear (until this evening) skies.  Tomorrow, the rain comes back and the temps drop so we’ll be back in more familiar April territory.  We did grill a tri-tip tonight, which was delicious.  It also gave Pat the opportunity to burn off some of his yard waste in the Webber while he grills.  Multi-tasking, folks.

So, for Saturday Snapshot, I’m going to take a break from pictures on this date from years past.  Actually, I had planned to do it–and then realized that I apparently don’t take pictures on April 17th because I had nothing.  So here are a few pictures taken last night and today.

First off, my son has started doing 2 interesting bed time things.  First off, he no longer sleeps on his bed, but rather between his bed and his wall.  At first I thought he had fallen off the bed, but he actually made a nice little “nest” for himself there.  Secondly, he’s been falling asleep with the light on.  He says it’s because he can’t get into his sleeping space with the lights off.  So, he leaves the lights on and it gives me the perfect opportunity to snap a picture of him:


And here’s a picture of my girl concentrating on her schoolwork:


And finally, we made sure Alice had a chance to enjoy the beautiful weather tonight!


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