Dispatches from the Distancing – Day 34

Another night of strange dreams–nothing bad, just strange.  This is my chicken and the egg conundrum right now.  Why did these dreams start around the time I started feeling more settled in this weird time?  Was it because I wasn’t fretting about the state of the world when I was awake that my brain took over when I was asleep, or did my brain start taking over the fretting during my sleep so that I could be a bit more calm during the day?

Alright, enough of the armchair psychology.  I feel it is important that I record what is going on in our lives during this time, but sometimes things are just boring.  Today was one of those days–the most noteworthy thing is that I got all the outside pieces of our latest puzzle together and we had 2 pieces left over.  I don’t think that is supposed to happen.  Honestly, I’m not sure this puzzle will be finished.  It’s Lillie’s puzzle, but she has already given up on it.  I made a little progress on it (although the 2 leftover edge pieces have still not found their home) but it is going to be a bear to do.

My kids have completely lost track of what day it is.  Lillie asks me about every two hours what day it is.  Without our natural calendar of activities, it’s hard to keep track!  All I know is that tomorrow is Friday and it is supposed to be 73 degrees, so Pat will be grilling us up a tri-tip for dinner!

I think Alice is starting to get used to us always being around.  She’s not as grumpy now, although that might be because a few more new toys for her (and a box!) arrived today.  It’s important to bribe her not to eat us in our sleep.

I did finished my “book club revenge” books today–well, one last night and the other today.  They weren’t bad books, but they were tough books to have going at the same time.  I’ll talk more about them on Sunday but now I need to read a fluffy palate cleanser!

This post is pretty much just blathering, which should describe today perfectly.  I try to always include a picture with each post, but today was so dull that I didn’t take any pictures.  So here is one from a few days ago.


Some day, I will look back at this post and realize that today was the day that I hit peak ennui….

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