Dispatches from the Distancing – Day 36

On challenge that I didn’t foresee when this all started five weeks ago is how easy it is for days to bleed into one another.  So, I’ve tried to find ways to make Saturday and Sunday seem very different from Monday through Friday.

Obviously, school helps–both kids have contact with their teacher and classes in addition to their school work.  We also have a couple of scheduled things during the week–calls with the kids from church and Chris will be starting up distance OT this week.  Then, on weekends, I have my Saturday morning virtual coffee with friends following my WW call and, of course, church on Sunday.

Yet, I wanted to find some way to bring more fun to the weekend…and I think I finally succeeded!

Pat and I enjoy board games, as does Lillie.  Chris is not much of a fan so family game night (or day) is not usually something we can pull off.  Then we gave Lillie this game for Easter:


I wasn’t sure how this would go with the kids when I got this, but both kids actually really enjoy it.  I think part of Chris’s enjoyment is due to the fact that, if you are playing correctly, you get to yell on each of your terms–and that kid loves to yell.  Right now, this is the only board game we have the Chris will willingly play.

This isn’t the sort of game I would normally pick up, but it brought us some great family time (with minimal fighting).  I’m sure we’ll play it at least once more tomorrow and now I have a better idea of what kinds of games to buy in the future.

Other than game time, this was a pretty quiet day.  Our beautiful weather has gone away and we had the normal April rain today.  Our fruit trees and bushes are in full bloom and I’m hoping that we get large crops this year…I know one cannot survive on blueberries, but growing your own does give you a bit of a self-sufficiency ego bump.

And that was pretty much our day–well, plus several loads of laundry, the bane of my existence.  Sigh.

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