Dispatches from the Distancing – Days 186 – 188

Merry Christmas! It is Christmas evening and the kids are now up in bed. I think we’re all heading for a sugar crash soon and I’m planning to hit the sack as soon as I post this. I did, however, want to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and to let you know how our holiday went.

I know that this Christmas is very different for so many people, but it actually wasn’t that different for us. This is not because we were being foolish and ignoring social distancing directives. Rather, it’s because our Christmases normally are just us! We did do two door drops of gifts to two sets of family friends and to have a socially distant chat yesterday, but other than that, it has just been us.

The one thing that was different is that we obviously didn’t go to a church service! Our church did a Zoom Christmas Eve service and Lillie read a few of the prayers for the service. It was as beautiful a service as one can have on Zoom, during which Pat and I enjoyed some wine which let’s just say wasn’t sacramental (our friend Hilary had given us a nice Zinfandel and I never turn down a bold Zinfandel!).

After our church service, we did our Jolabokaflod gifts. The way this Icelandic tradition is supposed to work is that everyone is supposed to give everyone else books and chocolate and then you read and eat chocolate all night. The way it works in our house is I give everyone a book, Pat wraps up a book from my TBR bookshelf, and we forget about the chocolate. It’s not perfect but it works for us. I think the books were all a hit, although Pat and Lillie have yet to start theirs. Chris read all of his (Cat Kid Comic Club) on Christmas Eve and I’m working away on mine (Iron Lake – I’ll have more to say about it in my Sunday post).

We woke up earlier than we had hoped on Christmas morning. Usually it is the kids who wake us up, but this time it was the train…again. We can’t verify that Alice is the one who turned it on, but we know she CAN do it, so I’m assuming it was her. We opened stocking stuffers, had our brunch, and then Pat and the kids watched Return of the Jedi while I read. After that, it was time for gifts!

I think the kids did pretty well with gifts–the detritus of the opening is still littering our ground floor! Pat received a belt (which, trust me, he really needed!) and some wine making gadgets and I received a new FitBit Sense and some cooking gadgets. And, no, we don’t get gifts for Alice. I know that some people think this makes us truly bad cat parents, but–trust me–the wrapping paper is all the gift that kitty needs.

Speaking of Alice, a number of people have asked how Alice does with the Christmas tree. Honestly, she just ignores it. The first year we had her she climbed it once or twice, but since then she might lie under it now and then but that’s it. I have always believed it was because we have an artificial tree and now I’m convinced of that. Our neighbors brought us over a miniature live tree and Alice will not leave that thing alone!

After the gift extravaganza was over, Pat thought it would be a good idea to watch Wonder Woman 1984. Spoiler: It was not a good idea. That movie is simply terrible. I haven’t seen many of the DC movies, so I can’t compare it there…but I’ve seen Iron Man 2, which is the worst of the Marvel movies, and it was far worse than that one! I did try to get the kids interesting in watching A Muppet Christmas Carol, but they weren’t interested. Later, though, I found Chris watching Soul on Disney+. Finally, we ended the day with an episode of Star Trek Discovery, which I’m sure is how God would like us to celebrate his son’s birthday!

All in all, it was a lovely holiday. Tomorrow, we should try to re-enter normality! Blessing to you all on this Christmas!

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