Dispatches from the Distancing – Days 184 – 185

What? Two posts in a week (so far!) Yes, it’s true. That being said, this post has nothing to do with the Distancing, but rather just a bit of craziness.

Those of you who know us know of Alice, the feline member of our family. This past summer, Alice’s vet had us switch her food and, instead of using a gravity feeder, feed her a set amount each day. All this was because she had been vomiting. Since she seemed fine otherwise, the vet determined it was simply a combination of the fillers in the food she had been eating (the same food she had been eating since she was in the shelter) and being able to eat probably more than she needed. He must have been right because once we made the changes, Alice has only been vomiting when she is feeling punitive (move her bed? Fine, she’ll puke where her bed was…). Alice had no problem with the new food, but not being able to eat what she wanted when she wanted was not to her liking.

Shortly after we made those changes, we became a cliche with Alice waking us up early every morning to fill up her dish which wasn’t even empty. She would do this by standing at the top of the stairs and yowling like someone is stabbing her. This is not exactly the most pleasant of alarm clocks.

Well, this morning, she found a new trick.

Unbeknownst to me, we have a train that goes around the Christmas tree. I have no clue how long we’ve had this, but Pat wanted to put it out this year. Fine…as long as it doesn’t interfere with my reading spot (which it just barely does not do).

So, we have a train. Great, right? Well. here is where we were played…

At 5am this morning, which is far too early to wake up when you don’t actually have to, we hear the train start going. We know both kids are still asleep, so it isn’t either of them. Pat runs downstairs to see Alice sitting next to the train controller, looking smug like only a cat can.

So, yes, the train now works against us and Alice knows how to work it. I guess we did get the last laugh because Pat didn’t empty out her half full dish and fill it up again, but still. The cat can work the train…this is our life.

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