Saturday Snapshot – July 6, 2019

It’s time to break up the backlog of pictures and give you something current.  This week, for those of us in the USA, was Independence Day.  I’ll admit that this was a hard day for me.  Given what is currently happening in our country, it felt more like a funeral than a celebration.

Fortunately, family and friends made the day better.  My husband grilled a meal for us, we ate far too many potato chips, and let the kids blow things up..a perfect celebration for a very imperfect nation.

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6 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot – July 6, 2019

  1. I enjoyed the lovely photos of your family on a beautiful Fourth of July, especially the action picture of the three children. Maybe the extreme politics we’re experiencing lately will inspire people to take a more active part in our political process. I hope so!
    Thank you for continuing to host Saturday Snapshot.


  2. I had a lot of friends who struggled with this July 4th, and while I will admit that I am not in agreement with many things with this administration, I will always love our country and be thankful that my grandparents and great-grandparents came here to seek a life of freedoms and opportunities. I look forward to voting in 2020! I’ve been tied up with school so much (I’m an administrator) so it’s nice to get back to Saturday snapshot – thanks for hosting!! Beth 🙂


  3. We watch, with dismay at what is happening south of our border. But, alas, we too, have people like your current administration in our federal and provincial politics as well. It seems to be the times we live in.


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