Saturday Snapshot – June 29, 2019

Now that I’m finally done with sharing Spring Break pictures, it is time to catch up on what we have been doing since March.

Spring is a busy time for us, especially with the school year winding down.  One of the things that the kids’ school does is something called a “Spring Event.”  Depending on what grade they are in, the do either a science presentation, an art show, or participate in a musical.  This year, my son and a few friends did a presentation (about tide pools, something they were studying in class) and my daughter had a few pieces in the art show.

This was a bit of bittersweet event as my daughter has decided to attend another school next year, although my son will be remaining at this school for at least one more year.  However, both she and I are looking forward to all her new adventures at her new school.


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