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Somehow, I’ve gotten three posts out of one day on our vacation.  We started at Cape Perpetua and Thor’s Well before heading the Heceta Head Lighthouse.  In the afternoon, we headed down to Bullard’s Beach State Park, where my husband had heard he could find some fun rocks (not much luck).  My son, however, found […]

After our trip to check out Thor’s Well, we decided to stop at the Heceta Head Lighthouse.  Unfortunately, the lighthouse was closed, but we spent some time on the beach, which was one of our favorites of the trip.  It wasn’t large, but it was good for wading and rock hunting.

There is a specific spot on the Oregon Coast that my husband has long dreamed of visiting.  Last year, we ended up driving right past it, even though we were specifically searching for it.  This year, my husband was determined. That spot is called Thor’s Well, a tidal sink hole that fills with water during […]

We started our first full day at the beach by exploring the area around Florence.  My husband has always enjoyed rock hunting and he found a nearby beach that supposedly had some interesting rocks.  While it was little iffy getting down to the beach (my husband and son had no problem, while I had a […]

First of all, sorry this is late.  We were having some internet (probably router) issues last night when I tried to update this. Second of all, I did want to do a quick plug of other ways to connect here, for cases just like this one.  I’m on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and I’ll post […]

Buckle up, folks…vacation pics are coming! This summer was a busy one, but we were able to work a little road trip into our schedule.  Our original plan was to go up and down the Oregon Coast.  But, unsurprisingly, my husband changed his mind at the last minute and we ended up doing what I […]

One of our favorite things to do in the summer is visit the Washington County Fair.  I grew up attending the Oregon State Fair in my hometown, Salem…but it’s expensive, crowded, and unchanged in over 3 decades.  The Washington County Fair is like a smaller version of the State Fair, but is free and is […]