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Well, it has been a while. Things have just been busy on the weekends lately and I haven’t been organized enough to actually to write up this post early! The biggest time suck right now is Girl Scout Cookie season. Fortunately, that is almost over, at least for our troop. Our scouts have decided not […]

Oh my, what a week! I knew this week was going to be weird (for reasons described in the video below…my mother would be shocked to know that I talked about this on video, but I would never be forgiven for writing about such a thing!), but it ended up being weird in a completely […]

Happy Sunday everyone! We are in the midst of a holiday weekend here in the US, President’s Day. For those of you outside of the country, this is one of those holidays that most (not all) people have off from work or school, but we don’t do much to actually celebrate it. The biggest attraction […]

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, y’all! Of course, if you don’t watch (American) football, then Happy Sunday! The Super Bowl is big business in our house, although this year is kind of ho-hum. I have no strong feelings about either team, but I’m kind of done hearing negative things about them. I did commit a boo-boo […]

Happy happy Sunday to you all! I am coming to you from the middle of a 4-day weekend. It’s not a holiday or anything, but the kids are on their semester break, so last Friday and tomorrow are teacher work days. Now, a lot of people use this weekend for a getaway. Oh no, not […]

Can you believe that we are almost through January? I’m still in “New Year” mode and now I’m being pushed into the “OMG, my daughter is going to be 14 in a few weeks! What fresh hell awaits me?” mode. I do want to apologize for not updating last week. I was feeling under the […]

Okay, I feel like I owe you all 2 apologies. First off, I reread my post from last week and I sounded like such a downer! I’m not sure why I came across that in my writing, because I really don’t think I was especially in a bad mood! Anyway, apologies for that. Also, apologies […]

Well, we made it through our first week of 2023! I spent most of this week trying to get back on some sort of schedule. It’s amazing how quickly those things can go out the window! For those of you in Northern California/Bay Area, I hope that you are safe! I keep hearing about all […]

Happy New Year! Gee, time really does fly! I still feel like it is 2018–of course the years between 2018 and 2023 have been “difficult,” so maybe I’m just blocking them out. I hope that everyone was able to safely celebrate the new year in the way of their choice. We always ring the new […]

It’s almost Christmas and things are in full gear here! The kids are done with school of 2022, which we are all happy about. Last night, we had a party for the Girl Scouts and this afternoon I’m off to a holiday tea with some friends. Unfortunately, we have some appointments early in the week […]