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I’ve realized that this quarantine may really be messing today. I took Lillie to the library to pick up her holds, which went well. Everything was set up outside and the librarians had her books waiting for her. I was able to return the books I’ve had since March, although they won’t actually be checked […]

I came in to write a post last night, turned on the living room light (where I write), and heard a groan. I hadn’t realized that the kids had decided to sleep in the living room until the tent is put back up and they were already bedded down. So, no post last night. There […]

I guess I should tell you all that the kids have moved out of the house. It’s temporary and weather-dependent and only at night, but they are no longer sleeping in the house. They have decided to sleep in the tent in our backyard for the rest of the summer. My father is very concerned […]

We made another tiptoe back to the real world today. This evening, we had a socially distant play date with some friends. It went well, although I’m not sure how well the masks stayed on once the kids were out of our sight, but whatever. We do the best that we can. All the playgrounds […]

Another weekend in the books over here and, as usual, I tend to crash for the entire weekend. This one ended up being a little busier–Lillie had a Girl Scout “camp in” on Saturday night, which I still don’t quite understand, but oh well. We decided to go into full camping mode for dinner with […]

Just a quick post for tonight as I want to try to get to bed early. It was a scorcher today–over 90 degrees. We ended up not changing anything for the peak hours. As Pat pointed out, we would not save enough money by shifting our energy use to warrant getting take out for dinner. […]

Well, folks, summer is here. The mercury hit the mid-80s today and it is supposed to be in the 90s tomorrow (and then in the low 70s on Wednesday…) Pat and I took a walk this afternoon. Even though we took a shady route, it was still pretty warm and my head is still aching […]