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First off, my apologies that this is late.  I had a slew of technical glitches that kept me from posting this on Friday (one of which was that my kids pulled the router power supply out of the wall!) Secondly, I promised wonderful weather pictures last week.  Well, that was nothing but a huge bust […]

This is one of those weeks where this post is more about the narrative than the pictures (if the weather report proves to be true, we’ll be back to things being about the pictures next week!) Last week, I wrote about food, specifically a meal that I enjoyed before going to the theater.  This week, […]

Warning: I’m about to be a cliche. Yes, my pictures this week are food pictures.  And, yes, the food was delicious.  But the food is not the story. As my regular visitors know, I’m a stay at home parent.  Between driving my kids to and from school and activities, I try (frequently unsuccessfully) to manage […]

When I was growing up, I was a dancer.  I started in ballet when I was about 6 years old and continued until I graduated from high school.  I toyed with other forms of dance, but it was ballet for me.  Once, I tried soccer and I played softball one year in high school.  People […]

As I write this, we are on day 2473 of the federal shutdown (okay, we’re on day 24…I think).  If you are in the United States, you fall into one of two groups.  On one hand, there are those who are directly affected by the shutdown.  They could be furloughed federal workers or federal workers […]

We live in a contentious time.  While this seems especially acute in the United States, I don’t think it is unique to our part of the world.  Everything I read in the news from all over the world is about conflict–political conflict, religious conflict, social conflict. I realized that all these conflicts, on a simplistic […]

Sometimes, things don’t go as planned. Over New Year’s, my family headed south to visit my father in Arizona.  We didn’t expect blistering heat–I had visited at this time of year in the past and, each time, had had pleasant and sunny, but cooler, weather.  Before our trip, I checked the weather forecast for the […]