First off, I hope I have the patience to finish this post. My laptop is being inexplicably laggy tonight and it is trying my last nerve. I know that part of the problem is that I have too many tabs open, but that is pretty much my reality, so there you go! Anyhow, we’ve been […]

Merry Christmas! It is Christmas evening and the kids are now up in bed. I think we’re all heading for a sugar crash soon and I’m planning to hit the sack as soon as I post this. I did, however, want to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and to let you know how our holiday […]

What? Two posts in a week (so far!) Yes, it’s true. That being said, this post has nothing to do with the Distancing, but rather just a bit of craziness. Those of you who know us know of Alice, the feline member of our family. This past summer, Alice’s vet had us switch her food […]

Wow, it has nearly been a month! I meant to post something after Thanksgiving, but this is a crazy time of year. Admittedly, this year it is significantly less crazy, but I’m still using that as an excuse! I am sharing a couple pictures of the kids from Thanksgiving–one with our feast and one in […]

Well, it has been a while! Besides what is happening in the outside world (the election and the light at the end of the tunnel, the pandemic) our lives have been very quiet. The kids are still doing distance learning and will at least until the end of January. After that, who knows? The COVID-19 […]

Greetings from Anxiety-land! I have never been this nervous about an election. Yes, I know that the polls look good and one would hope that the nation would have come to its senses after the carnage of the past four years, but the fact that we were ever here in the first place makes me […]