We are halfway through the year! I know, we over halfway through the year but I always consider the 4th of July as the halfway point. So, how was everyone’s holiday? As I said last week, I wasn’t exactly feeling it this year (for obvious reasons). That being said, we did end up having a […]

It’s been a while since I’ve done an update. I know that one week was Father’s Day and one week I was raging and wanted to burn it all down. I think there was another week in there that I missed, but I can’t remember why. Anyhow, I’m back and my reading wrap up will […]

All of you in the Northern Hemisphere…have you gotten summer yet? Because I’m still waiting for it in the Pacific Northwest. I do remember June being cooler and wetter when I was a kid, but it has been dry and warm for several years…until this year. I keep chanting to myself, “We need the rain…we […]

Another week and we’re finally in June! First off, thank you for your thoughts last week about my son having Covid. Unfortunately, we all ended up with it (I am very glad I wrote last week’s post on Saturday!) but we’ve come through to the other side. While I never want to go through that […]

Hello all! First off, an apology to all the bloggers I didn’t get a chance to visit last week. I don’t know what it was, but the week was just overly busy…and I was dealing with May exhaustion, which is now the least of my worries. So, Chris has COVID. I’m a little miffed about […]

It’s been a while! Well, I missed two weeks–the first was Mother’s Day which I consciously took off from writing posts. Then, last weekend, I was just wiped out. I got the great idea that I would do this post on Saturday this week, but then we were so busy on Saturday that it didn’t […]

It’s May, y’all! Where on earth is time going? The kids only have about 6 weeks left of school and I still feel like it is the middle of winter! The weather is not exactly helping with that feeling. The last several years, we’ve had warm, dry springs. This spring is much more like the […]

This was one of those weeks that I just drudged through…I had a cold, which was my first since the summer of 2019. It wasn’t a bad cold, but I have forgotten how to be sick. I kept wishing we could go back in time to when it was totally acceptable to “take to your […]

Happy Easter to those who celebrate! Our holiday has been quiet, but relaxing. We got the kids up and dressed in their Easter finest before Pat, Chris, and I headed off to church (Lillie is nursing a lingering cold, so she stayed home out of an abundance of caution…and so she could eat ALL her […]

I thought this week would be calm, but I seem to have been busy all week. Or else I was just easily distracted and didn’t get nearly as much done as I had hoped. Busier sounds better, but procrastination is the safer bet. Before I go any farther, I need to vent. It’s Spring. It’s […]