Some of the people I know who live in other parts of the country are living in areas that are starting to open up, so I thought I’d give an update and where we are.  In Oregon, our Governor is opening the state by county.  When a county can meet certain criteria, they can go […]

Our weekends have become very, very dull.  Honestly, I had nothing to write about yesterday and decided to just do a weekend post today.  I’m not complaining–down time is always a good thing.  But I also wish that we could do things like go to the beach or go hiking (technically, we could still go hiking, […]

When days are the least bit out of the ordinary these days it seems like a momentous thing.  This afternoon, we went to Chris’s school for a reverse parade for the kids to see their teachers and to pick up their personal belongings.  It was nice and…weird.  I think it would have been less weird […]

Every once in a while, we have moments to remind us that this is all unpleasant.  Today, it was Lillie’s mini-meltdown about not being to go out and play with her friends.  She felt better after her daily “social call” with her class, but I get it.  Chris, on the other hand, seems to be […]

We–Pat and I–made a parenting mistake last night.  Pat let Chris stay up late so that he could introduce him to The Princess Bride.  For my part, I didn’t notice this was happening.  Pat isn’t always the best about knowing what time it is and Chris, unlike his sister, is not going to put himself to […]

Bad eyes struck again last night!  I’m pretty sure I need a tune up on my prescription.  My eye doctor is now open (with precautions, of course) and I’m due for my yearly exam, but I think I’m going to put it off until June.  Oregon is still pretty much sheltering in place and our […]

Another weekend gone, another weekend of not really doing anything.  We had Zoom church as usual–we’ve found that the bonus room is the best place in the house, if only because it gives the kids to be “in church” while laying down on the ground, or in the giant bean bag.  I foresee some behavior […]