Dispatches from the Distancing – Days 424-427: IS THIS THE END?

Is this the end of the distancing?

Today we got word that the CDC has decreed that it not required for fully vaccinated people to wear masks in most cases. As I said a while ago, I would consider the distancing over when the Governor rescinded the mask mandate. I made the (apparently misguided) assumption that the CDC would say that Governor’s could decide for the states based on certain criteria. I didn’t think that the CDC would make such a blanket statement. The Governor has yet to comment.

I’ll be honest, I feel weird about this. The numbers in Oregon are falling, but they are still fairly high. I also can’t help feeling that the CDC was a tad premature with this. Pat thinks it was a boneheaded decision. I think that they looked all the science and made a call, which would be fine except they forgot one element–idiots who are refusing to get vaccinated and don’t want to wear a mask. Unfortunately, there is a frighteningly large number of people who fall into this category.

So, I don’t think I’m going to stop wearing my masks right away. I want to test the waters a bit, watch the numbers, etc. I also have a number of cute “I’m vaccinated!” masks that I want to wear.

So, it this the end? This may be the beginning of the epilogue, but I’m not sure I can consider it the end quite yet. There are still a lot of cases and a lot of morons who don’t take this seriously.

In other vaccine news, Pat is getting his 2nd shot tomorrow morning and Lillie is getting her first shot tomorrow afternoon. Great news on both fronts, but it will be a quiet weekend around here! We’re now planning a 2nd (for me) trip to Arizona this summer. In August. Let me rephrase that: we are going to Arizona in honest. Yup, we’re crazy. I told Pat that I was willing to take the kids down to see my dad on my own, but I think Pat may want to come with us. He hasn’t really had a vacation this year and the only one we really have on the horizon is a weekend at Girl Scout family camp. Plus, he wants to see a monsoon.

We’re getting there…I just hope the country doesn’t do something stupid (again…) to mess it all up.

Edited to add: I just went to Facebook to post this link and saw that the Governor has gone ahead and lifted the mandate. So, yes, I guess it is over by the standard I had determined a while ago. I guess I need to find other things to write about now….

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