Dispatches from the Distancing – Days 219-223

Wow, a mid-week post! As I’ve said (many times) life has become sort of same old, same old over here in quarantine…but I actually have an update.

First off, the kids have finished their first semester of school…completely online. It was hard, but I think both kids did okay. Lillie sort of excelled at it and has the grades to prove it. It was more of a struggle for Chris, but he’s been getting all his work done and his grades are pretty good.

This week we got word that the plan is for the kids to go back to school in April. It will only be 2 days a week–there is no way they can have all the kids in a classroom and still observe social distancing–and Chris will go back one week before Lillie. This depends on a lot of things: the COVID numbers, if all the teachers can be vaccinated, if the teacher union agrees, etc.

There is also the option that we keep the kids at home. Pat is very nervous about having the kids back in school before we (us, not the kids…they aren’t old enough) are vaccinated. I have no idea when to even expect to get my Fauci Ouchie, so who knows. I’m leaning more to having the kids go back because I think, socially, they need it. Lillie is a pretty social girl and she has kept up with her friends, but mostly just virtually. Today I practically had to push her out the door when her neighborhood friends came calling (the only play outside, wear masks, etc). Chris barely knows anyone in his class and has always struggled with the social side of things. If he goes back as planned, it will be over a year since he’s been around his peers. It sounds like we have to make our decision about what to do in the near future, so Pat and I will have to discuss it more.

In other news, we had snow this week! My midwest friends and family are going to laugh at us over this dusting, but this is the Pacific Northwest. We don’t do weather.

The snow only stayed around for a day and it had the decency to show up after school had finished, but it was a nice high point in the week for the kids.

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