Dispatches from the Distancing – Days 212-218 AND Saturday Snapshot

I had great intentions of posting something mid-week this week, but it just didn’t happen. This wasn’t an especially busy week, but it also wasn’t very eventful. I’m not sure what I would have said. I did toy with the idea of doing a book review (yes..I might tiptoe back into that world), but I thought I would wait until I discuss it with my book club.

Distance learning is going pretty well. I do need to stay on top of Chris’s schedule to make sure he signs into his class meetings and small groups on time, but he is getting all of his work done. Lillie is doing swimmingly and her teacher is doing a great job of challenging her.

We did start something new today. The school district is supplying free lunches during this time. I haven’t been taking advantage of it because, judging from what I had seen in other districts around the country, I was sure I could put together a more nutritious meal. And the kids are currently obsessed with chicken noodle soup.

I started rethinking this when I learned that it actually benefits the school district for people to take advantage of the lunch service. The fewer people who take part means the smaller federal grant they receive. I’m all for supporting the schools, so….

Anyway, the school bus stops with lunches just around the corner at about the time that the kids have a school break. I had planned to try a new soup recipe tonight so I thought we’d try the school lunches for a change. I was shocked at how good it was. It had 2 fruits and a veggies (pear, apple, and carrots), an entree (teriyaki chicken and rice), a dessert, and 2 milks. The kids loved the novelty of it all, so I think it will be something that we do daily now. Plus, it get the kids out of the house at least a little bit during the day!

Only one picture today, but it is an important one. Our ballots finally arrived in last night’s mail and I took mine to the drop box at the library. Probably the only drawback of voting in Oregon, where we’ve perfected voting by mail, is we don’t get the “I Voted” sticker. Today, however, I stopped in the library after dropping off my ballot to pick up some holds and they had the stickers!

If you are eligible to vote in the US, do it…now (if you haven’t already). If the turnout hadn’t been so low in 2016, we wouldn’t be in the mess that we’re in now. So, you know, DO IT!

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