Dispatches from the Distancing – Days 205-201 AND Saturday Snapshot

This post almost didn’t happen…because I forgot what day it was!

The kids had yesterday and today off from school and it completely messed with my sense of time! It’s amazing how quickly those routines become ingrained and how it upends everything when they aren’t there.

The first part of the week was pretty ordinary, except for Tuesday–but I’ll talk about that in a moment. Yesterday we took both kids to the doctor. Chris had his well child visit and Lillie had some labs that her doctor ordered in February that we hadn’t been able to do because lockdown started before her next day off from school. Because of COVID protocols and such, Pat had to take the morning off so we could tag-team the appointments. He took Chris to his appointment and I’m sure the pediatrician didn’t know what to expect!

This evening, Lillie and I watched On the Basis of Sex, which is one of my favorite movies. Lillie’s is working on an “I Dissent” patch for Girl Scouts and one of the options was to watch this movie. I’m not sure how much she really understood–there is a lot of legal mumbo jumbo–but I think she was able to follow the basic story. This weekend, I’m going to get her to watch the RBG documentary (which Chris and I have already seen–so he’s now an expert on Ruth Bader Ginsburg.)

So, Tuesday was Chris’s 10th birthday! Because the world is what it is, we didn’t do that much. When asked what he wanted, Chris asked for an alarm clock…so that’s what he got. He also received other fun things, of course. His favorite gift was a book about the periodic table!

Other than his choice of dinner (Taco Pasta) and cake (red velvet…which I did a horrible job frosting), we didn’t do too much. Because we couldn’t really go anywhere, we let him have some extra Minecraft time, which is probably what he really wanted to do anyway.

Here are a few pics from the day:

I’m hoping to have at least one new post between now and next Friday. I’ve become a bit complacent with this blogging thing! But, until then…be safe!

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