Dispatches from the Distancing – Days 191-197 AND Saturday Snapshot

Once again, another week has gone by without a post. While I was at my computer quite a bit, I had very little uninterrupted time to sit down and write.

Distance learning is going fairly well. Chris is still having tech issues, but I think it is more user error than anything. I don’t think Google Meet is the best platform for this sort of thing, but it is what we have, so there you go. Lillie is doing well with this all. Her class has started to break into small groups, so she is working closely with her friends from last year, which makes things especially fun.

This week the kids had virtual open houses in their classes. It was held over two nights–the first night we logged into Lillie’s meeting and the second night was Chris’s. Unfortunately, his night coincided with the night that all the Google platforms crashed, so his meeting was cut short.

This evening, we had a family movie night to watch Enola Holmes. It was delightful with, by far, the most attractive Sherlock (sorry Benedict Cumberbatch, you just don’t hold a candle to Henry Cavill!). It was the perfect movie to watch with the kids as it was exciting enough to keep their attention but still family friendly. It was also a nice change from the show Pat and I are currently bingeing–Luther!

Apparently, September 25th is not a big picture day for me. In fact, I only have pictures from one year in the past on this date! Fortunately, the are good ones! 13 years ago, Pat and I were in Oslo on our honeymoon and we took a load of pictures from the Sculpture Garden. Here are some of the highlights:

I hope you have a safe and healthy week! Fall is here in the Northern hemisphere (and Spring in the South)…so I hope everyone is finding an abundance of color in their world!

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