Dispatches from the Distancing – Days 184-190 AND Saturday Snapshot

I meant to update at some point this week but distance learning is no joke! The good news is that it is much, much improved from the spring. I gave teachers a lot of grace in the spring–they were thrown into the distance learning world with no warning. I still give them grace–this is difficult stuff!–but the Hillsboro School District has taken great steps to make it as successful as possible.

That being said, this was still a tough week. On the first day, both kids were in tears (although, to be fair, Lillie was crying because I told her she wasn’t allowed to watch YouTube during school hours). But the week got better.

Let me start at the beginning. First, we have our first day of school pictures:

And, because it is 2020:

Here is our “classroom,” formerly known as the dining room table:

The first day, as I said, was rough for Chris. He’s at a new school, with a teacher he doesn’t know, in a class where he only knows 2 people, and using tech he’s never used before. He had a little trouble controlling his frustration the first day, but it improved throughout the week.

Lillie has jumped in with both feet. Of course, she is already familiar with everything. She even received a “Glow Note” this week…for giving her teacher tech support!

I asked the kids what they thought of distance learning. I think both kids would rather be in the classroom and are hoping that they will be in class sometimes this year, but there are definitely some benefits to learning at home. One is breaks when needed. The kids have 2 built in breaks–15 minutes in the morning and half an hour at lunch–but can get up to go to the bathroom or such whenever they need. Another benefit, as Chris will show you, is the fact that you can get creative with your seating!

Now, in other devastating news, I feel like I should document that this was the day we lost Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I am absolutely gutted by the news. If you have visited my house, you know that RBG is part of my “shrine” (I’ll have to share that picture sometime…I can’t find it at the moment), as well as having an RBG action figure on my kitchen windowsill. I fear for our country and pray that there are at least 4 GOP Senators with a soul who will stop Moscow Mitch from (further) destroying our democracy.

So, for those of you in the USA…vote as if your life depends on it–because the life of our nation DOES depend on it.

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