Dispatches from the Distancing – Days 166-169 AND Saturday Snapshot

I think I had a minor heart attack today when I realized that we were only a few days away from September. Already! Of course, my sense of time is completely shot now thanks to five months of quarantine, with months more to go.

The good news is that once school starts (2 weeks from Monday!), we will at least have more structure in our lives. It may be hard adjustment to get back into that structure, but it will ultimately be a welcome addition to our lives.

This week was, as you can guess, uneventful. I did have 2 book clubs this week–both over zoom–which I love. I only loved one of the two books, but the discussions were worth it.

I’m cutting this post a bit short as I’m about to jump on a zoom social time with two of my friends. Then, tomorrow, I will have “coffee” with another group of friends. What did we do before zoom? Oh yeah, that’s right. We saw each other in person!

So, here are my pictures from this day in years past (with an added picture from this evening. It’s quite a mixture this week!


This was taken at a get together of the play group we belonged to when Lillie was little. I’m not sure how she conned her friend into driving her around.


At first, I thought this was Chris’s first day of school…but the dates don’t line up. I figures out this was taken at the back to school picnic–the 3rd he attended, but the first time he attended as a student.


This was the day my daughter’s Girl Scout troop did a painting party and, on the way home, the kids, their friend, and I stopped at the “apple place” so I could pick up some honeycrisps and the kids could jump in the bouncy apple.


This actually was the first day of school (2nd and 4th grade). They coordinated their outfits.


And finally…Alice! Taken earlier this evening as she was hanging out in the hydrangea bush!

There you are…another week in the books. I don’t want to jinx anything, but I may have new pictures to share next week!

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