Dispatches from the Distancing – Days 163-165

I have to admit something: I am jonesing something terrible for Fall. I love everything about Fall–the cooler temps, the changing colors, the kids back in school (even if they won’t be back AT school), football, the food…

I think Pat was reading my mind yesterday because he suggested we get takeout from Gustav’s for dinner. Gustav’s is the little brother of the late Rhinelander restaurant (I think the actual Gustav is the son of the guy who owned the Rhinelander). They are a local chain, instead of the one kitschy restaurant on Sandy Boulevard that the Rhinelander was, and there is one in Tigard, about half an hour from us.

I have always associated German food with Fall and Winter. I don’t know if that is because German food is generally heavy or if it is the Oktoberfest effect, but we rarely eat it in the Spring or Summer, but can’t get enough of it in the cooler months.

We opted for the family Schnitzel dinner. It was easier to order one thing for everyone instead of two different German meals for Pat and I and the grilled cheeses for the kids (which is what they tend to order when you go to eat there). We did forgo the fondue this time, which the kids let us know is not something we will get away with again. But, man, I think that was the best food I’ve ever eaten!

The kids were all about the chicken schnitzel, interested in the spaetzle, not fans of the garlic mashed potatoes, and WOULD NOT eat the cabbage, but at least they ate some German food (besides fondue). Oh, and there was strudel for dessert…which they loved.

Seriously, it has been 24 hours and I’m still thinking about that meal!

In more Fall food happenings, our local apple farm opened this past weekend. I know that they have some protocols in place and I think they are asking that kids not come. They have set up a system to order online and then just pick up apples, but I prefer to dig around in the bins myself. All this being said, I haven’t made my way out there yet. So far, they only have gravensteins, which are not my favorite apple. However, one the honeycrisps are here, I will be there. Without the kids, of course.

All this Fall talk is mostly to add something to the days because, really, nothing (other than German food) is happening here. Pat took today off–he’s been taking Mondays off for the past couple of weeks and will continue to do so until the kids are back in school–but we ended up just hanging around the house. I caught up on some laundry (and forced the kids to do some of theirs) and Pat binged a show on Netflix. So, you know, it was the height of excitement.

I realized that school starts only 3 weeks from now and I do intend to get the kids on a school schedule. And, of course, that means I need to be back on a schedule. To that end, I’m trying to not only go to bed at a decent hour, but also get up at a decent hour. This is helped by the fact that my father calls me at 7am every.single.morning to tell me he’s still alive. The challenge for me now is to not go back to sleep afterwards!

I realized I haven’t taken many fun pictures of the kids (because we haven’t been doing much). Therefore, you will be graced with Alice.

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