Dispatches from the Distancing – Days 117-119 AND Saturday Snapshot

I didn’t mean for 3 days to go by without a post. In fact, I started a post last night. However, I quickly realized that it was a grumpy, whiny post and that it was better off unpublished. The good news, I guess, is that I wasn’t grumpy and whiny because of the state of the world (although that would be a valid reason) or anything like that. I was just mad because I had just spent a good hour trying to get Lillie registered for a virtual camp in another Girl Scout council with no luck. I had already contacted the Council with my issues and they said it was all worked out–but it wasn’t, and my patience was at an end, so Lillie is not going to do that camp (which is really okay with her).

Today was a much better day. I spent most of it supervising the kids getting their laundry done. We are almost to the point where they will be doing their own laundry! In fact, we will be to that point come August when it gets rolled into their chores. I’m a little suspicious of Chris’s clothing organization system because he is able to unload an entire basket of clean clothes in a matter of seconds, but I’m going to to let him figure that one out. His clothing inventory has actually drastically decreased as he has outgrown pretty much everything. As we are not going to most stores at the moment, I just bought him some essentials online from Target and will get the rest later.

Pat and I have figured out a nice walking route in our neighborhood. We wander through both the nearby park and our own neighborhood and it comes to just over 3 miles. It isn’t a route I’d do on my own as part of it is on the wooded trails between “civilization” and the park, but it’s a nice walk with Pat. We’ve been trying to walk every day now that the weather has decided to cooperate.

We actually have some fun plans for this weekend that involve leaving the house and going somewhere. I won’t share them now, for fear of jinxing us. But hopefully I’ll have some interesting things to report in my next post. I may not be posting again until Monday, depending on how our weekend goes but I promise a full report–even if we do nothing and it is very, very dull.

I just have a few pictures from this day in years past. I may actually post recent photos for next week’s Saturday Snapshot (again, depending on our weekend!)


Here is Baby Lillie, being all adorable-like


Here are the kids at Craters of the Moon in Idaho, during our “epic road trip.”


And here are the kids during our camping trip on Mt. Hood. I believe Pat took this with his soon-to-be-deceased camera, which explains the blurriness

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend…and remember: wear your mask, wash your hands, keep social distance. You know, all that jazz.

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