Dispatches from the Distancing – Day 116

I’ve realized that this quarantine may really be messing today.

I took Lillie to the library to pick up her holds, which went well. Everything was set up outside and the librarians had her books waiting for her. I was able to return the books I’ve had since March, although they won’t actually be checked in for 72 hours, and get both kids set up with the summer reading program.

Afterwards, we swung by Target so I could pick up a few things that I couldn’t easily get in a pick up order. Lillie waited in the car (reading) while I ran in and I was shocked at how anxious I was! Everyone was masked and the store wasn’t crowded, so it wasn’t like some stores (cough, cough…Fred Meyer) where it feels like you are risking your life to enter, and I was able to get what I needed and get out in a few minutes. But it took a while for my adrenaline to simmer down once I left.

The truth is, I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t really feel like leaving the house–other than walks or places that I know are clean and enforce the social distance/masking guidelines (which is pretty much Costco and New Seasons). I’ve always been an introvert, but I think this quarantine is turning me into a hermit.

Now that I’ve admitted my hermit tendencies, I will say that I did leave the house once more today. Pat and I took the kids to the nearby Wetlands for a walk. The kids, of course, would have rather stayed home and watched TV–but too bad. Here’s a picture from our hike. I will admit I had to use a little Instagram magic because the lighting was a bit strange, but you can still see what a nice night it was.

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