Dispatches from the Distancing – Days 113-115

I came in to write a post last night, turned on the living room light (where I write), and heard a groan. I hadn’t realized that the kids had decided to sleep in the living room until the tent is put back up and they were already bedded down. So, no post last night.

There really wasn’t much to report from yesterday, but our 4th of July was quite nice. We stayed home because, you know, there is a seemingly out of control pandemic going on, but we still found ways to celebrate. We indulged in foods we don’t normally eat (mostly chips!) and watch Hamilton (twice). When the sun finally went down, we socially distanced set off fireworks with the neighbors. I’ll admit that I didn’t last long outside–the smoke from fireworks messes with my eyes. So, I spent most of the evening trying to calm the cat, who was NOT handling things well.

And now it is Monday again. I did do one thing of note today. I deleted the Twitter app off my phone months ago because it was messing with my mental health. I would have deleted my account completely, but I do share posts from here over on Twitter. Well, today I re-installed the app–and then spent a fair amount of time cleaning up my following list.

My reason for all this is I realized that I was missing a lot of local information regarding the covid situation. Specifically, I want to know what will be happening with schools in the fall. The school district has been quite good with communication, but I think that there might be more information coming through twitter. So, we’ll see how long all this lasts before I get fed up and delete the app again. Don’t get me wrong, I’m fully aware that Twitter is a cesspool!

The excitement for tomorrow is a trip to the library. And I mean TO the library, not IN the library. Lillie has some holds waiting for her, so I reserved a time for us to run over and pick them up. I’ve been using their Libby app for electronic loans, but Lillie really wanted print books, so there we are. One of the silver linings with this whole mess is that it got me into reading my own books instead of just library books!

I’m leaving you all with a picture from the 4th–the kids were a little miffed that I made the stop playing with explosives to pose, but too bad!

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