Dispatches from the Distancing – Days 106-107

Another weekend in the books over here and, as usual, I tend to crash for the entire weekend. This one ended up being a little busier–Lillie had a Girl Scout “camp in” on Saturday night, which I still don’t quite understand, but oh well. We decided to go into full camping mode for dinner with brats and potato salad and s’mores.

Chris also needed to help put up a tent for one of his (overdue) Cub Scout advancements, so that happened. And then both kids decided to sleep in it for the night. Pat spent most of the night on the downstairs couch–he said it was to make sure that the kids were okay, but I know he really just fell asleep watching TV, and I had the bed all to myself. The kids have said they want to spend tonight in the tent as well and, frankly, I won’t be surprised if they move in it for the summer.

Today was a down day–apparently, I needed to recover from camp food. I also needed to do a full reset on my iPhone as the little critters inside were eating up all my memory. What a pain! It wasn’t hard–especially since I made sure to do an iCloud update first, but it was very time consuming!

This week should be fairly uneventful. We’re going to get the kids together with some friends for a socially distanced play date before said friends leave town for a while. And both kids get to go to the dentist, which should be interesting. For the 4th, we’re just going to stay home and have a small celebration, with an out-sized amount of fireworks (pyromania apparently runs in Pat’s family). I will also make sure that we all watch our Independence Day Musicals – 1776 and, now, (squee!) Hamilton. I’m sure Pat is grumbling about the money I spent to get to see Hamilton live when it was in Portland and in less than a week we can watch it ad nauseum (and we will!) on Disney+.

I’m not going to do a reading update this week because I didn’t actually finish any books! I DNF’d one, but that’s it. I’ll just cover it all next week. In the meantime, I’m leaving you with this picture of the great tent project.

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