Dispatches from the Distancing – Day 101

Well, folks, summer is here.

The mercury hit the mid-80s today and it is supposed to be in the 90s tomorrow (and then in the low 70s on Wednesday…) Pat and I took a walk this afternoon. Even though we took a shady route, it was still pretty warm and my head is still aching from it. Tomorrow, if we walk, we either need to walk early in the morning or when the sun starts to set.

Also tomorrow our electric company called a peak time at 4-7pm. In the past when this would happen, we’d turn off the heat pump, unplug everything, and go to the library and run other errands. This year, of course, that’s not really possible. While we can unplug some things, Pat still needs to work and the room he is in can get very warm in the afternoons, so we need to keep the heat pump (air conditioner) going. And, of course, we won’t be going to the library, or anywhere else for that matter. I doubt we’ll earn any kind of rebate, but such is life.

I did receive an email from the school principal today saying that she isn’t sure what the fall will look like but she suspects that it will be a hybrid model. That is what I suspected and while I would love for the kids to just go to school as normal, I do think the hybrid model is better than online only. None of it is ideal, but I just keep reminding myself that we got through the spring and we’ll get through the fall. The school district is holding planning meetings throughout the summer and our district is very good at communication, so I’m sure that I will hear more soon about what might or will happen.

I did start another little project this weekend: I downloaded an app that scans and “cleans up” old photos. I scanned the ones that I have and I’ve asked my dad to send some more up to me.so there should be many more to come. Today, I’m going to leave you with a 55 year old picture of my father, showing that even then he didn’t know how to smile for the camera.

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