Dispatches from the Distancing – Days 94 & 95

Pat and I achieved a major accomplishment tonight—we finished Doc Martin! Well, at least all the episodes up to now…the series isn’t over and there will be, at the very least, one more season at some point in the future. Now we just need to find another show to watch together. Pat has been watching Dexter, which is not my cup of tea, and I’ve been watching an Israeli show about an Ultra-Orthodox Jewish family (Shtisel) which is very much not Pat’s cup of tea.

In other non-television news, I’m being mean mom and forcing my kids to read at least an hour a day. They were doing fairly well with this during the school year, but it went out the window once school was over and, frankly, they are spending too much time playing video games. Part of that is my fault–with the weather being crap lately and social distancing, I’ve been more lenient with the screen time, but we need to reign it in. Supposedly, the weather is supposed to make a turn for the better tomorrow, so maybe I can at least get them outside for more of the day.

Speaking of getting out, I went to the eye doctor yesterday. Let me tell you, an eye exam while wearing a mask is no joke! Wearing glasses while wearing a mask is already near impossible, but having tall the exam equipment up to your face while masked is just as bad, if not worse. The oddly good news out of my appointment is, for the time being, I don’t need to wear my non-reading glasses for the time being. My prescription in one eye cancels out the prescription in the other well enough that I’m fine without them until things change again (which they will). I do still need to wear my readers, but I had to get new lenses for them so I’m currently limited to reading on my kindle, where I can increase the font. Hopefully, I should be back in the print reading business in about a week.

After my eye appointment, I made another stop at New Seasons to replenish our produce supply. There is nothing special about that, but I wanted to leave you with their oh-so-Oregonian sign to let customers know that they need to wear a mask:

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