Dispatches from the Distancing – Day 91 AND Saturday Snapshot

I really need some summer weather. Today was cold and rainy and, somehow, I ended up with two extra little boys in my house for a large chunk of the day. Having not every actually been a little boy, I’m still adjusting to the energy that brings. Let’s just say I needed a fair amount of downtime after that.

Once the weather finally turns warm again (which is looking like it won’t be until next weekend), I’ll probably only have to deal with them running from the front yard to the back yard all day, which would be fine if they remembered to close doors. Any door. At this point, I’m not picky. I will say, though, that Alice is having a much harder time with this than I am.

We’re facing another weekend of…not much. Lillie wants to watch Artemis Fowl, which is now streaming on Disney+, so we might have a movie night tomorrow night. Other than that, it’s laundry and housework for me.

So, nothing exciting today, but I do have some good pictures from years past.


This picture of my little guy and my dad was taken at my son’s baptism. Baptisms are a huge deal in my family, so my parents made a point of coming up, as well as one of my non-local brothers and his family and, of course, my local family.


This was my first and, unfortunately for the art world, not my last attempt at a Paint Nite masterpiece. Let’s just say I am not a born artist and a few glasses of wine does not improve the final product.


Finally, this was taken during my dad’s last trip up here to see us. He is hoping to come up this fall, but it all depends on the covid19 situation at the time. And, yes, we are still trying to convince him to move back up here, but no luck yet!

As the InLinkz service seems to be down at the moment, please just leave a comment with a link to your post if you would like to participate in this week’s Saturday Snapshot.

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