Dispatches from the Distancing – Day 90

I ventured out today…to New Seasons. I haven’t been in a grocery store in over 3 months (except Costco), but I refuse to go inside Fred Meyer, my usual store. New Seasons, however, requires customers to wear masks, limits the people in the store, etc. I was in desperate need of some fresh produce and since New Seasons has better stuff anyway, I drove the extra mile (literally, it’s like a mile farther) to get there.

While I had a very enjoyable shopping experience and brought home more fruits and veggies than I ever remember getting in a single trip, I decided something. I refuse to go into a store or other establishment unless they require masks. Fred Meyer still has my pick-up business (because New Seasons doesn’t have quite the selection and is more expensive), but I won’t step foot inside until the require masks and do a better job of customer management or until this whole mess is over. I’m also going to start going out to New Seasons once a week to stock up on fresh stuff and so that I don’t forget how to shop.

Anyway, that was my notable thing about today. CV19 cases are spiking in Oregon, as they are in many places, so the Governor is pausing all reopening plans. I think that means that we all stay at whatever level we’re at. My county is in Phase 1, but many counties are in Phase 2. Of course, Multnomah County (Portland) just submitted their request to open to Phase 1 as of tomorrow, so they are remaining closed. Personally, I wouldn’t mind if everything was rolled down to phase 1 or even closed again, but I doubt that will happen.

I’m fried tonight–Chris was playing video games (wearing a mask and social distancing–supposedly) all day with his friend who is visiting his grandparents across the street and now I just want the kids to go to sleep so I can have some peace and quiet (because I’m sure tomorrow isn’t going to be much different!)

I’m leaving you with this picture, that was actually taken yesterday. Chris was back at work with his science projects, trying to make Ghost Goo or something like that.

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