Dispatches from the Distancing – Day 87

I think I got a glimpse of what summer will be this year–lots of kids in my house. We had not one, but two, extra kids over today. Chris has struck up a friendship with a boy who is visiting his grandparents for the summer. He’s a few years older–he was in 6th this year, but Chris is a bit socially awkward so it is nice that he found someone to relate to. We also had the little boy from across the street over–he’s only 6 and he adores Chris, although Chris sometimes is a bit impatient with him. He didn’t, however, tell his mother he came over so she came by frantically looking for him and was quite relieved to find him here. He deservedly got a bit of a lecture from her, but it was in German, so that was terrifying.

And, yes, I’m trying to get the kids to social distance as much as possible. I try to enforce masks when I can, but I don’t think they actually wear them when they get outside. Other than that, I just try to get them to keep their distance. I do know that the families of the kids have been good about their own health, so I’m not as concerned as I would be in other circumstances.

Other than that, the only real excitement is that Chris and Pat decided to play scientist this afternoon. I subscribed to a Mad Science box for both kids to share, but Chris is far more interested in it. Each box has 3-4 experiments in it, most of which are quite messy so I make them use it in the garage. Today, Chris and Pat made a foam fountain…and Chris was quite proud of it.

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