Dispatches from the Distancing – Day 84 AND Saturday Snapshot

Remember when I said that summer would be very similar to the school year this year? Well, maybe not so much. It wasn’t that this day was unusual, but rather our minds were definitely somewhere else.

First off, I woke up convinced it was Saturday and it took me a minute to realize that Pat still had to work today. Chris had it in his mind that he was just going to watch television all day (um, no…). Lillie just resorted to her closet to do…something. Because of budget cuts, she didn’t have school today either.

Once I got Chris to do, well, something, I realized I had the perfect lure to get Lillie out of her room. Ever since she finished reading the Hunger Games trilogy, she’s been on me to get her the prequel, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. I wanted to make sure it was appropriate before she read it, so I got the audiobook from Audible to check it out first. Today, she asked again to get it and I decided that she could listen to the audiobook–as long as she listened to it with me. And, look at that! She was actually willing to spend time with her dear old Mom…at least for about half an hour!

As for Saturday Snapshot, I have two pictures that were taken on this day in years past and one that came into my possession on this day a few years ago.


When Lillie was almost 18 months old, we took a trip to Bend, Oregon. This picture was taken atop Pilot Butte, which she seemed to really love. We’ve been back there a few times since and we always visit this spot.


I’m not sure when this of my parents picture was actually taken, but my sister-in-law sent it to me 3 years ago to include in the slideshow for my mother’s memorial service. It was taken in Minnesota while fishing, one of her favorite things to do.


This must have been my son’s last day of 1st grade because he’s showing off a self-portrait that he drew. He was very interested in the No, David books back then, and I think that shows in his style.

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