Dispatches from the Distancing – Day 82

I was listening to a podcast this morning that suggested that we should bring back Happy Hour. Well, Happy Hour was the suggestion, but the bigger idea was to bring back some ritual that marked the time. Daily morning prayer could work just as well.

But, well, Happy Hour! This evening, once the kids were out playing in the neighborhood, Pat and I sat in the back yard and had happy hour. I felt like I was becoming my parents as they never missed Happy Hour. I even called my dad to tell him and, yep, he was having Happy Hour himself. (He made sure to tell me that he was not drinking alone. The dog was right there).

So, other than drinking, today went smoothly. Chris did the work that I gave him without complaint. He actually was more reluctant to go out and play with the boy across the street, but that meant he had to change out of his pajamas, which are all he wants to wear right now.

Lillie had a fair amount of work to do for school, although most of that was video calls with various school groups. She’s even been doing her band practice over Google Hangouts, which is…interesting. She has a broken valve (or something like that) on her sax, but we can’t get it fixed until the music store opens up, so she just has to suffer through with it for another week.

I did get a message that my gym is re-opening on Friday, but I have no plans of going any time soon. Everything I’ve read says that gyms are especially risky and, well, I would rather work out at home and not have to wear a mask. Don’t get me wrong…everyone should be wearing masks (get over it, it’s not against your rights to be required to wear a mask!), but working out while wearing one just seems too unpleasant.

Tomorrow is Chris’s last day of school, which will pretty much just consist of a Zoom call. It’s all very anti-climatic, while still incredibly surreal. Nothing will change for us, especially because Lillie still has another week. Still, I can’t see any big change in our daily lives once she’s done. Oh well, such is our life now.

Finally, my new Cherry Parfait rose bush is in full bloom! I love it!

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