Dispatches from the Distancing – Days 80 & 81

Once again, Doc Martin interrupted my posting last night. Well, sort of. I think Pat wanted to get me away from the news (which I wasn’t watching–but my father called to talk about it) and turned it on and I wasn’t about to let him stream cheat on me.

I will admit that I have stayed away from the news today. I am just sick about what has happened in this country and I have a sinking feeling that it is only going to get worse. Seeing Spanky McBonespur desecrate a church after having innocent peaceful protesters attacked nearly sent me to the porcelain throne. I’m trying to figure out a way that I can help and not be part of the problem. One of the biggest ways I can help is that I can raise my children to love others and not continue the culture of hate some feel they need to inflict on us.

Okay, no more of that. I’m not here to get into a political debate. So I’ll talk about my hair. It’s colored! I was my stylist’s first customer after re-opening and she is still figuring things out, but I truly appreciate the care she is taking. Yes, I wore a mask for the appointment, as did she. While I have some high-tech fabric masks, I went for a single-use one this time since I was getting my hair colored (which was smart as I the straps were colored once we were done!). The only hard part was wearing the mask while I was under the dryer. But, other than that, it wasn’t horrible. As I’ve said, I fully support wearing a mask and think we should all do that out of respect for our fellow humans, but that doesn’t mean I like wearing it!

Chris and I have been transitioning to “summer.” He still has a day and half of school left technically, but he has no more school work. I did get him a “bridge to 3rd to 4th” workbook and he’s been doing 1 page a day and we have access to an app his teacher uses until June 30th. I’ve also kept two reading periods–a “read to self” where he reads one of his OBOB books (or another chapter book) and then SSR, when he reads whatever he wants (usually Adventure Time graphic novels). Lillie has also been joining in on the SSR and I’m hoping to keep that through the summer, but I may move it to a different time of day so that they can play with the neighborhood kids in the afternoon.

Anyway, that is our life right now. I’m leaving you with a picture of a very focused Alice…

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