Dispatches from the Distancing – Days 75 & 76

No post yesterday because we decided to get out of the house! It was a lovely, warm day and we were all feeling a little stir crazy, so we took the kids out to Jackson Bottom Wetlands for a walk. It was heavenly–we were the only ones there, except for the wildlife (we saw countless birds, two snakes, a squirrel, and a rabbit). I took a few pictures, which I will share tomorrow for Saturday Snapshot.

This is the last week of school work for Chris and it is bittersweet. This isn’t how we thought he’d finish out his years at his school and we will miss many things and people there, but I know that the public school is the best choice for him now. He’s nervous about it, but I think it will be fine once he gets there (which I hope will be in September!)

Big news…our county was approved for Phase 1 re-opening. Personally, I think it may be too early, but I also really need to get my hair done–which is finally happening on Tuesday! As I’ve said, if my stylist had a different set-up–as in, if she was in a salon with a number of other stylists–I’d probably stay away. But she’s at a Sola Salon, which means she has her own, enclosed room AND I will be her first customer after re-opening.

I will say that one place I will not be is the gym. I’m not sure when my gym is opening, but they have the green light as of Monday. I know that they’ll be limiting the number of people in the gym at once, will be spacing out the machines, and will require masks. I, however, will not be there. I just don’t think the risk is worth it. Also, while I support wearing masks and it is the right thing to do, I don’t want to wear one when I’m working out. So, I’ll be working out at home for the foreseeable future.

Other than getting my hair done (hallelujah!), I don’t think our lives will change much with the re-opening. I did let Lillie go out and play with her friends today (Chris could have gone, but decided he’d rather watch Adventure Time). Not being able to see friends has been especially hard for Lillie, so being set free on the neighborhood was a big thing for her.

Well, Pat just chased Chris off from the television and wants us to spend time with Doc Martin, so I’d better sign off. Here is one of the last distance learning pictures I can share (hopefully!)

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