Dispatches from the Distancing – Days 73 & 74

As predicted, Monday was not only uneventful but we also ended it watching Doc Martin. So, even if I had had anything interesting to post, I wouldn’t have had the chance to post it. Also, as we still have many, many episodes of this strangely addictive show to watch, I will probably be writing these posts earlier in the day from now on.

Today was the first day of the last week of school work for Chris. The first day after any kind of break, including a run-of-the-mill weekend, is hard for him so we did have to struggle through a lot of it. I’m sure that tomorrow will be much smoother. Lillie still has a few weeks left and informed me today that her science project was going to be to hackW her computer. She later admitted, after I had had a chance to simmer in dread, that she was kidding. Anyway, I hand all the science stuff over to Pat so she will be working with him on this.

We have decided to let the kids loose to play outside with their neighborhood friends once Washington County opens to phase 1. Fortunately, most of their play is running up and down the street so it is probably low risk. Lillie, especially, is very stir crazy so this will definitely be a good thing!

In an example of my brainlessness, I ordered some high quality reusable masks last week–and had them shipped to Mia in Salem. Mia offered to send them back to us, but I told her to keep them (there are 3, so that should work for her, Jason, and Rylie) and ordered some more. But, it does show this sort of mental fog I’m in. However, I can’t blame it entirely on the quarantine. I tend to be like this every year in May. May and December are just stressful months for me!

Pat and I realized that we are going to have a lot of furniture to buy once we can get into the stores. We desperately need a new mattress. While Pat would be more than happy to just get something on sale at Costco, I figure that if you are going to spend 1/3 of your life on a mattress, you should find the best mattress for you. Pat also needs to get some office furniture as it looks like he’ll be working at home, at least for the most part, indefinitely. Right now, he’s using an old table of mine and a chair he bought at a garage sale a few years ago and neither “fits” him. And, I’m still not giving up on getting a new couch at some point in the near future!\

I’m leaving you today with a pic and his set up for school work, at least when he’s working on the iPad (some of his work has to be done on my laptop). I’m not sure if the yoga ball is a good thing or a bad thing for him, but I’m willing to let it be for when he’s just working on things.

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