Dispatches from the Distancing – Days 69 & 70 AND Saturday Snapshot

I didn’t post yesterday, simply because I had had enough of screens.  We had distance learning all day, and that involves a fair amount of screens.  Then Chris had OT, which is still done via telehealth and will be at least into July.  Finally, we had an Ascension Day service with our church and the Episcopal Church one town over–which was very nice, but I was done with the screens at that point.

Today was a weird day.  Lillie technically didn’t have school.  Chris did, but he didn’t have his morning Zoom call with his class.  I didn’t sleep well last night, so I decided we could do with a late morning.  And then the whole day just felt…off.  Chris and I struggled through his lessons and, at lunch, Pat and I ran out to pick up groceries and prescription.

Pat is feeling really stir crazy, so there is a chance we may go out tomorrow.  Much of the recreation areas in the state are closed until Tuesday, but Silver Creek Falls is open, so we might take the kids down there for a hike.  I’m apprehensive because I know that park can be very crowded, and the trails are not wide.  Also, the bathrooms will be closed.  (Bathrooms are very important).  So, we’ll see if it happens.

Now, onto Saturday Snapshot.  May 22 turned out to be a busy picture day for us…



Here is my dad with 3 month old Lillie



Lillie hanging out with Daddy



The kids are being silly for some reason…I wish I could remember why!



This isn’t the greatest picture, but this is some of the alfalfa in boom on the way to the kids’ school.  We totally missed it this year!



And, last year, after the 2nd grade play.  Chris was a shepherd in Jack and the Beanstalk!

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