Dispatches from the Distancing – Day 68

As I know you all were on pins and needles, I am pleased to tell you that Pat was able to fix the toilet and it now flushes!

Just a short post tonight as I spent too much time watching TV this evening.  The kids love The Masked Singer and tonight was the finale.  And, just as I had predicted, I had no clue who the people were under the final three masks.  Afterwards, I watched another episode of Doc Martin, which is not about clunky boots!  It’s a British medical comedy–ish show that my friend Shauna suggested.  Pat had to interrupt a few times to voice his confusion about British humor.

Even though we didn’t start school earlier today, I switched the order of things that Chris does and it seemed to work.  He was done with everything except SSR  by 3pm.  (SSR is Silent Sustained Reading, when he reads Adventure Time comics–as opposed to his Read to Self, when he reads an OBOB book for next year.  Together, those provide him–and me–of 1 hour and 45 minutes of reading time a day).  I’m going to try to stick to that order AND start earlier tomorrow as he has OT tomorrow afternoon and then we’ll have and Ascension Day zoom church service.  Yes, Thursdays are as busy as we get during quarantine here!

I can tell that Pat is itching to get out and he wants to do something this weekend.  I’m still wary and would like to stay put while all the idiots get their craziness out of their system, but I may lose this one.  I can only hope he forces us to do something that still allows for proper social distancing.  He did take Friday off, and Lillie technically doesn’t have school on Friday, but Chris does.  Pat is trying to make grand plans, but I’m sure his day will consist of him sitting in his bean bag chair playing video games.

I still have the dishwasher to load, so I leave you with a picture of my boy hard at work!


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