Dispatches from the Distancing – Day 67

Well, after last night’s little hissy fit about the state of the world, I’m not going to get on a soapbox tonight. It’s not that I have rethought any of what I said–I still believe all of it, I just don’t want to go there tonight.

Instead, let me tell you about our household woes.  First off, the mice.

We’ve been battling the mice since, well, since the quarantine began.  Pat first discovered them when he heard something in the garage and found a mouse eating its fill of pancake mix.  Since then, the body count has climbed to 9.  One more was killed with a broom before Pat decided the chemical traps weren’t working and switched to the good old fashioned ones and using peanut butter as bait.  Since then, we’ve had 7 in the traps, but none in the past few days.  Has Pat’s killing spree come to an end?  We shall see.

Then, today, the toilet in the master bathroom decided to quit flushing.  It’s something to do with something plastic and Pat got to make an emergency Lowe’s run so it may be fixed.  I don’t know–I’m slightly scared that I will have to flush the toilet manually (taking the lid off, pulling the plastic thingie), but we’ll see.

The good news is that the clothes washer, that died on (I think) the first day of quarantine is working!  The bad news is that I have mountains of laundry to do.

Of course, none of these things on their own are a big deal.  Heck, all of them together are not that big of a deal.  BUT WHY DID THEY ALL HAVE TO HAPPEN DURING QUARANTINE?


So, my county has applied for Phase 1 reopening as of June 1.  I have some concerns about it but, as I said, we will be continuing to shelter in place.  Except for my hair appointment.  Now, before you get on me for being completely vain, if it does go to Phase 1 on June 1st, I will be my stylist’s first appointment after re-opening.  So, the threat for me is very low and, since I know I haven’t been exposed, I’m not adding to the threat myself.  That may just all be me trying to excuse it all, but there you go.

So, I’m leaving you tonight with Alice, who is a fierce cat, but a complete failure as a mouser.




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