Dispatches from the Distancing – Day 66

I’m frustrated…and it isn’t about homeschool (okay, I’m a little frustrated with that, but it’s nothing new).

It’s like people have forgotten how serious cv19 is.  While the Portland and Salem areas are still supposedly locked down, the rest of the state is opening up and I just feel like it is too soon.  Just today, I learned:

1 – A friend of mine, who is in her 70s, may have been exposed.  Two of her housemates are sick with something and they are now waiting for test results.

2 – A high school classmate, who tested positive in March, has had a fever since March 13th.  She has been running a fever for 65 days now.

I have another friend–my age and healthy–who had this and it was pure hell.  This is not “the flu.”  And a “mild case” just means that it isn’t so bad that you can no longer breathe.  And, yet, people think the Constitution is being violated if they have to wear a mask in Costco.

My fuse with this is just incredibly short.  I don’t think there was any way to prevent the virus coming into the US, but there were many things that could have been to avoid this shitshow we’re currently in and that blame lies squarely with the federal government.  Oregon has actually done as good a job as they could do, but there were a lot of road blocks put up in our way.

Okay, I’m stopping now as I’m getting upset again.  Sigh…

The weather was pretty terrible today, but Pat and I did get a chance to go out for a walk this evening.  Once the school year has ended and the weather is reliably good, I think I’m going to try to get a walk in first thing in the morning.  I have no idea what this summer is going to look like–Pat is talking about going camping but, right now, all the campgrounds in the state are still closed.  I do want to get some hiking in, but I need both the crowds and the weather to cooperate before I consider that.  Right now, though, I just want it to stop raining.

I’ve been sharing a lot of pictures of Chris on this blog, but not a lot of Lillie.  This is only because Lillie tends to hide from the camera.  But, tonight, I actually got a somewhat decent picture of her tonight.  I did have to bribe her, but whatever..


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