Dispatches from the Distancing – Day 63 AND Saturday Snapshot

Another week down…and this is now week nine of quarantine.  Much of the state has started to reopen, but the 3 Portland counties have not yet filed their plans and the 2 Salem counties were denied (and that’s all I will say about that!) so those are the two places in the state that haven’t started phase one.

Even when we start to reopen, our family will still essentially be sheltering.  Other than my hair dresser, I have no place I need to be.  And, if my hairdresser had a different set up, I’d be more reluctant to go see her.  But, she’s at a Sola, so she has her own room so I won’t be in a big salon with a lot of people.  As of right now, I don’t know when she will open, but I’m hoping that it will be June 1st, because I currently have her first appointment slot!

I have decided, though, to grow my bangs out.  I realized they are almost to my chin right now, so I’m almost past the hard part!  But the color needs to happen!

I wasn’t able to start school earlier with Chris today because I slept too late.  I found a new show to watch on Acorn called Deadwood Fell and I stayed up too late watching the second episode last night.  (And, yeah, I’m going to watch the 3rd as soon as I finish this post).

No big plans this weekend because, well, that’s life.  I won’t be posting tomorrow, but will do a two-day post on Sunday.  I hope you all have a good weekend!

But, before you go, it’s Saturday Snapshot time!  Of course, my “pictures on this day” was pretty slim for today.  I actually have some great pictures, but they have a number of kids who aren’t mine in them, so I can’t share them.  So all I have for you is what I call Buddha Baby.  It’s my daughter at 3 months old in a Bumpo seat–a thing that no longer exists because it was apparently dangerous.  Oh well!


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