Dispatches from the Distancing – Day 62

I had a minor victory today–I was actually able to get Chris up and at “school” earlier and, yes, he was much more productive.  I’m hoping that we can replicate this again tomorrow because trying to get him to do some of his more challenging work after lunch just has not been working.

I have also started sitting with him while he does his math on the Moby Max app.  For the longest time, he refused to use any scratch paper to do his work.  He finally admitted today it was because he didn’t want people make fun of him over it.  I explained to him (again…for the thousandth time) that we all use scratch paper for math and, in the future, he may be required to turn in his scratch paper.  Anyway, I finally just sat down with him and made him do it and, what do you know!  He could do all the math!  In fact, he was doing more challenging math than I thought he could!

He also discovered some videos on a reading app about how to make Minecraft characters out of Legos, which totally blew his mindIMG_4164

I told Lillie today that I feel like I see less of her now than when I did when she was in school and had a full slate of activities!  As I’ve said, she tend to spend the day in her closet doing her school work (and video chatting and playing games with friends!)  She finally told us that the reason she’s in her closet is that the WiFi is fastest there, which makes sense since our router is on the other side of the wall.  But, still, I tend to see her in the morning at breakfast and then at dinner.  I’m not going to push anything until her school is over (which will be sooner than planned, thanks to budgetary cuts to deal with the covid19 shortfall), but I have a feeling that this may go on until she goes to college.

The weather here is still crap, which means my mood is crap.  According to my weather app, it isn’t going to change until next Tuesday and then only last for a day.  Wonderful.  Oh well, if I can handle a global pandemic, I can handle some run of the mill spring rain.  Sigh…


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