Dispatches from the Distancing – Day 59

Some of the people I know who live in other parts of the country are living in areas that are starting to open up, so I thought I’d give an update and where we are.  In Oregon, our Governor is opening the state by county.  When a county can meet certain criteria, they can go to phase 1 of opening.  Then, when they meet other benchmarks, they move to phase 2.  So, there are some parts of Oregon that will open relatively soon–but we won’t be one of them.  One of the benchmarks to get to phase 1 is to have a decreasing number of new infections, and our county is apparently the hot spot in the state.  So, we’ll be sheltering for a while to come.  Which I’m okay with, honestly.  I would gladly suffer through more inconveniences in order to keep myself, my family, and others safe.  Even if things start opening up in the somewhat near future, I’m still going to be very cautious about going out.

The other thing people have asked me about is my dad in Arizona and how he is doing.  He’s fine, although he’s bored out of his mind.  He’s also still hoarding toilet paper and I think he’s added meat to his hoarding tendencies.  He has 2 extra refrigerators/freezers in the garage (as well as 3 extra toilets…) and he was saying he was planning to plug them in and fill them up with meat.  But, trust me, there is no talking sense into that man.  And he needs a hobby–I’d prefer it not be stockpiling, but you take what you can get.

As for us, it’s just same old/same old here.  Chris’s biggest struggle with distance learning continues to be focus, but we’re working on it.  I’d like to start his day a little earlier as he does seem to stay on task better before lunch, but he also likes to sleep in every single morning (except Saturdays, of course).  So, I’ll need to figure something out there.

Plus, I’ll have to get up earlier, which has been a struggle as I haven’t sleeping well.  Part of this is because I’ve just been staying up too late as the only chance I have to get any me-time is after they go to bed.  The other part is that I have had trouble falling asleep and, according to my Fitbit, not sleeping very soundly.  I’m trying to focus on my “sleep hygiene” to try to get back to sleeping well.  No screens, stick to a bedtime routine, etc.  I’ll tell you how it goes once it becomes old hat (again).

I’m leaving you with a picture of Quarantine Puzzle #11.  Nothing exciting, just a reminder to myself that I need to be better about taking pictures during the day!


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