Dispatches from the Distancing – Day 54

We–Pat and I–made a parenting mistake last night.  Pat let Chris stay up late so that he could introduce him to The Princess Bride.  For my part, I didn’t notice this was happening.  Pat isn’t always the best about knowing what time it is and Chris, unlike his sister, is not going to put himself to bed.  At almost 11, I noticed Chris was still up.  I did let him sleep in this morning, but between the late start and his exhaustion, this was a trying day.

I realize that I talk much more about Chris and home school that I do Lillie.  Honestly, Lillie is self-motivated enough that she does what she needs to on her own.  Even when life was “normal” I never needed to remind her to do her homework.  When this all started, the public school opted to do an extended Spring Break (at the time, we didn’t know how long this would last and they were using the time to put a plan together).  During this time, her teacher had to remind her NOT to send in homework!

Pat decided that he and I would walk to and around the park during our noon walk.  It was a nice change of pace, although it was a longer walk so it isn’t something we can do every day.  I think it helps Pat’s stress level to be able to go out during the day.  I know it helps mine.  Heck, I think the fact that Pat and I are out of the house helps the kids’ stress level!

Oh, and here is a little silver lining to this quarantine…I don’t have jury duty tomorrow!  It wasn’t a surprise–I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be called in–but when I called in I had to wait through all the instructions before they told me I was free and I was starting to get nervous.  So far, I’ve been lucky.  The last time I was called, it was in the time between Christmas and New Year’s and I didn’t have to go in.  The time before that, I went in and was home by 10am.  I’m not one someone who is against jury duty, it’s just that I always seem to be called at inconvenient times!

Finally, I am going to leave you all with this pic I snapped of Alice this evening…Not the best, but she was very content sitting on my lap while I read.


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