Dispatches from the Distancing – Days 43 & 44

No, I didn’t write yesterday and I have a very good reason–because I did nothing.  There was absolutely nothing to report.  It was the laziest of lazy Saturdays, which would have been heavenly in a busier time of life.  Yesterday, however, it was just eh…

Today, at least we had church.  We decided to move to the upstairs bonus room, since I have yet to put the iPad at the perfect height (according to Pat).  As you can tell, the kids were on their best church behavior:

So, today was much like yesterday and I don’t have much to report, but it is Sunday and I do have books to talk about!

As usual, I am linking up with Kathryn at Book Date for It’s Monday…What Are You Reading?

What I finished last week:

I did not finish The Windfall.  Every time I tried to read it, I feel asleep.  After 3 days I gave up.  So, instead I picked up my newest Goodreads Giveaway win…

Universe of TwoUniverse of Two by Stephen P. Keirnan
I think everything I want to say about this book is in my mini-review that I posted on Goodreads (and Instagram):

“I have to admit that I was mildly interested in this book when I picked it up. I’ve read a few fiction and non-fiction books about the Manhattan Project and they were fine, but I didn’t have a burning desire to read more. But, then, a surprise…

Yes, the Manhattan Project does play a major role in this novel. Kiernan is skillful with the topic, making it interesting for both those who live for the science-y stuff and others (like me) who really couldn’t care less. It never seems pedantic to me and I could understand, at least fairly well, what was going on. What I truly appreciated, and what I had never found before in another book on the subject, is the deep guilt held by those who worked on “the gadget” once they realized it was and then once it was used in wartime. That, alone, makes the book notable.

But what really made this novel for me was the love story. I have read a fair number of romances and very few have approached the true emotion that I found in this novel. Charlie and Brenda are an unlikely couple–Charlie is quiet, “geeky” mathematician and Brenda is, by her own admission, a beautiful spoiled brat. Yet, these two fit together and their relationship works in a way that is rare to find in novels. The story is told from two viewpoints–what would be considered Charlie’s section is in 3rd person while Brenda’s is told in first person, but as Brenda as an old woman would tell the story looking back on her life. That added a painful wistfulness that just amplified this story.

This was a simply amazing book, one that hasn’t left me since I finished the last page. I would highly recommend it.”‘

What I’m starting this week:

Emma in the NightEmma in the Night by Wendy Walker
One thing this crazy time is allowing me is time to make a dent in my backlog of Book of the Month books.  I got this one in 2017 and it has been sitting in my TBR bookshelf since.  However, I recently heard it recommended on the podcast Sarah’s Book Shelves and I am kind of in the mood for a thriller, so this is it.  I’m hoping it will be a quick read, so I’m crossing my fingers that I can give my thoughts on it next week.

5 thoughts on “Dispatches from the Distancing – Days 43 & 44

  1. Interesting sounding books. I have been keeping busy with audiobooks and cooking. Not too different from days when we aren’t under lockdown. Come see my week here. Happy reading!


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