Dispatches from the Distancing – Day 42 AND Saturday Snapshot

Well, we made it through another week.  Lillie has started doing her work in her closet.  I know, it sounds strange…but it is quiet in there, she has privacy, and Chris actually does better when she’s not doing her work in the same room.  So, it’s a win all around.

I was able to look through Lillie’s school work and I noticed that she is having some problems organizing her writing, so I think I’m going to find some resources for her about that.  She loves to write–she started writing horror novels in the first grade (I mean, “horror.”  It usually was someone being chased by werewolves, zombies, and vampires and then Spider-Man showed up and saved the day), but she still is very freeform.  I have a feeling that there wasn’t a lot of time spent on writing at her old school (except in 3rd grade–I know they worked on writing there because I helped with it!) and writing is a big deal in the public schools, so she is behind in that area.

Chris decided that he wants to do the Oregon Battle of the Books next year, so I bought the books for him (and the books for Lillie…neither child is wanting for reading material) and one of his books was El Deafo.  He sat down and read the whole thing and then told me how much he loved it, which warmed my heart.  Then, today, he started reading A Boy Called Bat and told me that how much it reminds him of himself.  He may be turning into a reader after all!

Pat and I have been trying to brainstorm fun activities for this weekend and we came up with a big fat nothing.  So, I guess we’ll be having more family game nights and/or afternoons.  It doesn’t help that we’ll be having a rainy weekend so we can’t really get out either.  We will, however, be having take out pizza because apparently there is a shortage on self-rising flour, which I use to make my own pizza dough.  And, yes, I know I can make my own, but I can also have someone else make my dinner and given the choice between extra work and no work, you know which one I’ll be choosing.

And now it is time for the Saturday Snapshot pictures.  Once again, I went back into the archives to find some pictures taken on this day from years past.  Enjoy!



Here’s my girl at about 10 weeks.



And here’s my boy about about 6 months.



A lovely tree in the country around out house.



And here are my kiddos on a geocaching adventure.

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