Dispatches from the Distancing – Day 41

It was bound to happen sooner or later, but today Teacher Mommy overslept.  I was still able to get the kids started on time and they both finished all their work for the day, but the whole day just felt a bit rushed and “off”.

We also had some new and/or different things going on today.  Chris had his first virtual OT appointment and it went well.   It was also nice to hear what was going on as I’m usually reading in the lobby.  I was curious, or maybe skeptical, about how it would work but things went well and we have a few new strategies to work on.

Lillie also went to get her personal items from school.  As I said yesterday, Pat was the one to take her as I needed to be home for Chris’s OT.  It took about 4 minutes from the time they left the house to when they returned–the school is right at the end of our street and apparently they just drove up and the principal handed Lillie her bag and they came home.  It’s still weird to think that her classroom days of 5th grade are already over.

This evening I had my book club–I haven’t been able to attend in a while, but we used Zoom tonight and it worked well.  Afterwards, my friend Shauna hung around online to chat with me, which was nice.  We realized we need to have a Zoom happy hour soon!

I did finish quarantine puzzle #8 today:


(I didn’t realize that picture was so blurry!)
It was an easy one and I decided to put it in with the kids’ puzzles for them to work on later.

Finally, I finished watching Little Fires Everywhere.  What a mess!  I honestly think I still would have hated the ending if I hadn’t read the book.  Not only did they totally change the ending, but the ending they did do made no sense.  Save yourself 8 hours and read the book instead.

Tomorrow is Friday…which doesn’t seem any different from Thursday.  But I think the kids will be glad to have a weekend.  I’m still trying to find something fun for the weekend and I’m drawing a blank.  I mean, the kids would like to just sit and play video games, but they get more than enough screen time during the week.  The weather is supposed to be crappy, which makes things harder.  Any ideas?

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