Dispatches from the Distancing – Day 40

We had a nice surprise today.  Some friends had to drop something off near us, so they came by for a socially distant visit!  While we were about 8 feet apart (we were on our doorstep and they were on our driveway) we did have to yell because the landscapers who were leaf blowing in our neighborhood don’t have the greatest timing, but it was still nice to actually see someone who doesn’t live on our street!

School plugged along today.  I’ve gotten to the point where I just let Lillie do her thing–she’s easily keeping up with her homework and, for the most part, she doesn’t bother Chris.  I think she could be doing more, but I also realize that she’s probably already far ahead of the rest of her class.

Chris still needs a lot of attention for his school, mostly to make sure he gets done what he needs to.  He did find a way to block out some distractions for his morning class call”


He was having some focus problems this morning, so we had to work through that, but he did finish everything a bit early so that was good.  He starts up with his OT via tele-appointments tomorrow.  I’m not sure how this is going to work, but there is no harm in trying.  It will be with his usual therapist, so that will give him some continuity (he went through a period earlier this year where he sort of bounced between therapists).

Tomorrow Lillie gets to go back to her classroom to get her personal items.  When I got the notification that this would happen, the reality of what is going on hit me.  She was having such a great year at her new school and forming some positive new friendships, so it is sad to see it end this way.  But hopefully school will be up and running again in September and she can see them again.  In the meantime, I guess they all play Roblox together.

Because of Chris’s OT appointment and my Zoom book club that evening, I’m hoping that Pat can take her to her class.  I’d like to go, but I also think it might be a bit too surreal for me right now.

We had some more family games this evening–we even convinced Chris to play UNO.  Pat and I really enjoy playing games, so I don’t know why we don’t do this more often.  I guess that is one good thing to come out of this strange time–family game night!

Also, if anyone in Arizona needs some toilet paper, I know where they can find some.  A few days ago, Dad counted up his rolls (while I was on the phone with him) and he had 70!  Then he told me today he went back to Wal-Mart and bought more.  I don’t know if I’m more frustrated with him going out shopping or his hoarding tendencies!  I do get that he’s lonely–he’s actually willing to have a conversation when he calls–but the CV19 situation in Arizona has not been handled well and they have a large vulnerable population there. I’ve been trying to use the situation as yet another reason why he should move back up here, but so far no luck.


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