Dispatches from the Distancing – Day 38

If this post makes no sense it is because I’m typing this while chatting with Pat, who seems to have a lot to say tonight.  We finished watching The English Game, which we quite enjoyed.  If you haven’t heard about it, it is a Netflix period drama done by the same man behind Downtown Abbey about the birth of the English Football League.

When you only have 2 TV’s in the house, and one is pretty much gaming dedicated, someone always gets left out of the TV viewing decisions.  Usually it is me.  Tonight it was the kids–they managed to wait until the evening before asking to watch and then I grabbed the remote.  Ha!  Don’t feel too bad about it because they spent the evening upstairs playing Minecraft.

Anyway, there was more than TV today.  The kids had a pretty productive day at school.  I started Chris on learning the state capitals.  We’re working on the western states and he knows…three (Juneau, Honolulu, and Salem).  My goal is to have those 11 states (Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Nevada, Colorado, Wyoming) down for him by Friday.  Lillie is plugging away at her work–apparently she’s the only kid in her class turning in her homework, which makes me a little nervous about where her class will be in September.

So, I would write more tonight but Pat is really on a roll with his old soccer stories (I’m sure it is thanks to The English Game) and it’s hard to divide my attention.  He’s been working long hours so I think he needs my attention more than my blog does.  I’m sure you all will understand.

I took no pictures today, so I’m leaving you all with one of my favorites of Alice.  Enjoy!EB38CFEC-08AE-421A-966F-781762C4A892

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